Money Heist Season 5: Major Questions From The Trailer You Must Know!

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist Season 5 Vol. 1 is now around the corners of the streaming giant, and the trailer released a day ago featured a pile of spoilers and high-end cliffhangers for the final season. The trailer opened, unfolding a massive cliffhanger from the last season with Alicia Sierra nabbing down our beloved Professor in his hideout. 

The latest trailer was drenched with flashbacks, military, the gang mourning Nairobi’s death, and a final dance. Moreover, our favorite Berlin is back, though, just in some flashback scenes. But here are the major setbacks that have left the fans with questions and shocks:

Will the Professor Die?

Season 4 of Money Heist ended on a massive cliffhanger with Alicia capturing Professor in his hideout. The cliffhanger has left the fans in incredible momentum for over a year, but we might finally get the answer after waiting all this time. 

In the trailer, we see Professor saying, “It’s possible this is the last time I speak to you,” just before we see everyone going crazy and loose for war with the military. The trailer indeed confirms that he will not be escaping Alicia easily this time. He is seen tied up in chains. Many fan theories have suggested that Alicia’s vendetta with Professor is beyond the heist and her responsibility as the cop in the show. Will Professor die? This won’t be known until the second part of Season 5 that will arrive later in the year, as the showrunners would not be revealing one of the major mysteries anytime before its near end. 

Is Berlin Alive? 

We are all aware that Berlin died in the previous season of Money Heist. The last seasons have revealed that the first heist, one with Bank of Spain involved, was initially planned by Berlin with the support of Professor. The trailer reveals that Berlin’s plan is still midway and is yet to get concluded. We also see Tatiana (Berlin’s wife) and Marsella in a boat, bonding over drinks. Fan theories suggest that Berlin’s plans will end with his secret alliance breaking in and rescuing the Professor and gang. However, it is confirmed that Berlin is dead and will be only returning in the new season with flashbacks.

Will Tokyo Be The Only One Surviving?

The trailer also gives us glimpses of Tokyo in a car with a man laughing and spending quality time. However, the trailer had only a few seconds of that footage. Fan theories suggest that the man with Tokyo might be her boyfriend. And with the fact that she is the one narrating the incidents of the heists, she might be the only one who leaves surviving. 


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