Blood and Water Season 2 is releasing soon. Here’s all the information you need along with the expected date!

Blood and Water Season 2

Will Netflix release the second season of “Blood and Water”? This is everything you need to know about the future of the series.

Set in South Africa, Blood & Water tells the gripping story of Puleng Khumalo and the scandal of the elites in Cape Town. Puleng, a 16-year-old girl, transfers to Parkhurst College after meeting a sister she believed was kidnapped at birth. Then come the dramatic, controversial and shocking twists and turns of the plot of all six episodes. 

The viewers naturally want to see more. With this in mind, here is everything you need to know about the second season of “Blood and Water”, including the release date, spoilers, trailers, and news about the show. 

Is there going to be Blood and Water Season 2?

Yes! Netflix has confirmed that the second season of Blood and Water has been officially renewed for a second season. The news was announced in a lovely video, host and director Nosipho Dumisa personally revealed the news to the actors and told them in person that they had been cast for the second season.

When is Blood and Water Season 2 going to be released?

Similarly, there is no official news about the release date of the second season of “Blood and Water.” Given that Season 1 was released on May 20, 2020, and Netflix tends to operate the series in an annual cycle, if the subscription is renewed, the series may return as early as the spring or early summer of 2021. 

KB Actor Thabang Molaba confirmed on Instagram on March 3 that the filming of “Blood and Water” Season 2 has ended, so we believe that the release of the trailer for “Blood and Water” Season 2 is only a matter of time.

What happened in Blood and Water Season 1?

The series revolves around the high school girl Ama Qamata. Her younger sister Phumelele was kidnapped by a human trafficking gang shortly after she was born. One day, Pullen was invited to a party by popular athlete Fikile Bhele (Khosi Ngema) who studied at Parkhurst College in Cape Town. After Wade (Dillon Windvogel) new acquaintances pointed out their similarities, Pullen began to suspect that Fikile was Phumelele. She has lived in the shadow of her sister all her life, so she decided to pursue it to the end. She transferred to a prestigious school for investigation. In the process of solving the puzzle, Prang discovered that the secret of his sister’s disappearance was not the only secret kept by his friends and family.

What are we expecting from Blood and Water Season 2?

After the great suspense of the first season ends, fans of Blood and Water eagerly await the arrival of the second season. The first season of the show ends with Pullen (Ama Qamata) and Fikile (Khosi Ngema) discovering that they are actually related. The fans also want to know if Fikile and Chad (Ryle de Morny) ended their relationship if Pulleng and KB (Thabang Molaba) will succeed, and if Mark (Duane Williams) and Zama (Cindy Mahlangu) agree with Chris (Arnold Griff) ). 

Unfortunately, the cast and crew of “Blood and Water” have been quiet about the upcoming season. However, the official Twitter account of Netflix South Africa released a short film Director Nosipho Dumisa revealed the actors who will return for the second season.


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