Is the show ‘Chuck Season 6’ getting revived for another season? Latest update on the release

Chuck Season 6

A nerd, an email, all the secrets: When Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levy) was rusticated from Stanford for the lies against his best friend Bryce (Matthew Bomer) he started working in the IT department of Buy More. Years later, he received an email from Bryce. Now a CIA agent, his former classmate decided to destroy the CIA and National Security Agency database servers before his death and send all the information to Chuck. 

Miraculously, all the data is stored in Chuck’s brain, which comprises not only the agent’s darkest chapter but also the last remaining storage medium for the information. Some agents quickly took aim at the computer nerds.

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About the series

“Chuck” is an action-comedy that aired on NBC for five seasons until 2012. Following the story of Zachary Levi, who played a phenomenal role, the show faces crime and famous opponents. Chuck opened an email from a long-lost friend and finally downloaded sensitive government data into his brain. 

It has a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The show sees Chuck dealing with the case and trying to fight crime, which usually leads to hilarious results. The show helped launch Matt Bomer, Brandon Routh and Zachary Levi’s careers. The show brought its creators into the stratosphere of fame. The duo of Josh Schwartz and Chris Fedak keeps the revival hope of “Chuck” Season 6 alive through their program plan. 

The role of the show is to bring big action stars to the small screen. The entire five seasons of NBC dramas brought guest appearances by Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal. The show was so successful that when it ended, “Entertainment Weekly” critic Sandra Gonzalez admitted that they ended up crying.

So is there going to be Chuck season six?

Zachary Levi admitted last year that he was looking forward to a new “Chuck” movie. Since the show ended in 2012, he has been planning a possible comeback, which is why the hope for the revival of “Chuck” season 6 still exists. 

He said this show may not return to NBC. In fact, like the old NBC show “community,” you rely on streaming services like Netflix to host shows and help you make shows. However, while he hoped the show would return, he said he only wanted one movie, shattering fans’ hopes for the revival of the sixth season of “Chuck.” 

Matt Bomer also expressed his support. Although his role died early in the story and was only dropped in season 2, the actor has been looking forward to appearing in more “Chuck” over the years. When the “comic” asked him about a possible comeback, he said he would do it with a “heartbeat”. 

Co-creators Schwartz and Fedak are not discussing the details of the sixth season of “Chuck.” Last year, they sat down with the actors to produce a reunion episode of the show. They said that reading this episode feels natural and they are open to new proposals regarding the revival of the show. However, unless a giant like NBC or Netflix takes over, there’s little hope. However, with strong supporters like Levi and Bomer, the revival of “Chuck” season six may be more prominent than ever.


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