Gomorrah Season 5: Release Date, Plot, Cast and more latest updates

Gomorrah Season 5

The acclaimed Sky Original Gomorrah series finally ends in season 5. This Italian crime series is adapted from a non-fiction investigative book about the real-life Italian mafia Camorra and tells the story of the fictional crime family, Savastano, in Naples and their conflicts with other tribes. 

“Every time, we try to do something different. We found another special angle for season 5. This is the twilight city, darkness and emotion,” Toi said in a statement.

Tozzi also revealed that Season 5 is likely to be the last season of Gomorrah.” At present, we think this is the final season. You never know. But for now, we think this is the last season. “

This is what we currently know.

Why is the show ending?

The fourth season ushered in an epic ending when it premiered in May 2019. But since then, due to the coronavirus pandemic, fans have had to wait longer than usual to start a new series. The filming delay means that the audience is not sure when Gomorrah will return. 

Although the release date has not yet been determined, the fifth season is expected to premiere later this year. According to reports, the shooting of the new “Gomorrah” series has ended. The shooting of a new batch of episodes ended in May, with the final scenes being shot in Latvia and Italy. So, with the team’s efforts in post-production, it seems likely that the series will premiere before the end of the year. 

The team did not give the exact reason why Gomorrah was cancelled. The creator behind Gomorrah did not elaborate on why it is now coming to an end. However, there are indications that its production company Cattleya thinks it is time to end this story. Cattleya president Riccardo Tozzi said in an interview with Deadline: “I think it will be great. Every time, we try to do something different. We found another special angle for season five. It is dusk, darkness and excitement. At present, we think this is the last season. You never know. But for now, we think this is the last season. “

When will Gomorrah Season 5 be released?

There is no specific release date yet, but Sky has confirmed that it will be available on Sky Atlantic and NOW, later in 2021. Season 5 will have 10 episodes, filmed in Naples, Italy and Riga, Latvia.

Teaser trailer for Gomorrah Season 5

What to expect from season 5? Who will be cast in Gomorrah Season 5?

The new series witnessed the return of the iconic protagonist. The ever-charming character of Genny Savastano would be played by Salvatore Esposito, who was forced to hide in a bunker, due to circumstances, at the end of season 4. Arturo Muselli plays Enzo Sangue Blu again, Ivana Lotito returns as Genny’s wife Azzurra Avitabile, and Marco D`Amore returns as Ciro DiMazio. 

At the beginning of the series, when Ciro was still alive in Latvia, the police were looking for Genny. There are new and mysterious characters to prepare for the upcoming clan war. The fans can look forward to seeing how the Levantes-Patricia conflict turned Naples into a pile of bricks, forcing Genny to abandon his normal dream and start anew. He was forced to enter a bunker without Azzurra and Pietro. Now his only ally is O Maestrale, the mysterious crime leader of Ponticelli, east of Naples. 

When Genny finds out that she is still alive, everything will be different.


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