The Aquatope Of White Sand Anime Will Debut July, know more about it!

The Aquatope On White Sand

Introduced in Okinawa, Aquatope on White Sand is a beautiful tale that revolves around an 18-year-old girl Kukuru Misakino who works at an aquarium to fulfill her dreams alongside Fūka Miyazawa. She hailed from Tokyo and used to be an aspiring idol but abandons hope in the end. She finds an escape in Okinawa and quits her job in Tokyo to get away from her family. Later, her path crosses with a fortune-teller who happens to be bogus. But looking at how kind and good-hearted Fūka is, she leads her to Sagittarius, alarming her of the possibility of something fortunate happening with her.

 Having an optimistic approach, Fuuka follows the laid path and stops to rejuvenate herself in between hoping for good signs thereafter. Karin san, who is seen passing by her the next day, assists her in finding her way to the Gamagama aquarium. On reaching the aquarium, she finally meets the very exuberant and determined director of the aquarium, Kukuru.

 Consequently, Fūka is fascinated after listening to the aquarium’s legend through Kukuru and decides to work for her. Kukuru’s grandparents agree on granting them permission to work and formally hire Fūka. They also invite Fūka to stay with them for a while, giving her the warmth and affection of a home. 

Fūka begins to work in the aquarium. However, much to everyone’s despair, she is unable to finish her first task and underperforms, disappointing Kukuru. Kukuru gets disappointed seeing Fūka’s inability to finish the task and lashes out. To her utter bewilderment, Fūka finds out that the aquarium is suffering a financial crisis and is at risk of shutting down permanently, later that day. Fūka stands up for her.

 A welcome party is thrown for Fūka. Fūka and Kukuru end up having a heartfelt and deep conversation on their way back home and begin to confide in each other. They both open up to each other about their past and get closer. 

 Fūka gradually becomes more comfortable, adjusts with the atmosphere and learns the working pattern of the aquarium. She understands her job with time and is able to perform all the tasks well, living up to her potential. She also gets to know a lot more about Kukuru’s past through the same guy who helped her find the way to the aquarium. He happens to be Kukuru’s classmate.


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