Cobra Kai Season 4: Andrew Garfield To Join The Show Soon?


Will Andrew Garfield be part of the Cobra Kai cast in the future? The creators talk about the possibility of having him play a character.

For the uninitiated, Andrew Garfield is a massive fan of Cobra Kai. In fact, during the promotion of Tick ​​Tick Boom, he also received a video from the cast of the Netflix series, who thanked him for his support. But now, the rumor has stated that the actor will have a secret role in the series and that his character will appear in the future.

The creators of the show, Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald, chatted with Collider, also addressing this point and talking about the possible presence of the actor in the series. The three proposed three hypothetical ways to insert Andrew Garfield in Cobra Kai without unbuttoning. It seems the trio is interested in having the actor on board. Hurwitz said:

“I don’t even know how to answer right now. We were amazed when we saw his reaction and how much he loved the show. We are all his fans. He is such a talented actor, and his role should be excellent. I think we would give him a unique look, a unique point of view and angle, to make him unlike any other character on the show. I think that’s where we would start. But as for the details, I probably shouldn’t say anything because who knows? Maybe it will be in the series, and I don’t want to take the risk of anticipating anything.”

Instead, according to Schlossberg, Andrew Garfield in Cobra Kai would be a character linked to Miyagi-Do.

In the video, Andrew Garfield says Miyagi-Do forever, so I think the character would be related to Daniel LaRusso.

Heald also expressed his point of view, however, characterizing the possible character of Andrew Garfield in Cobra Kai negatively:

“He could be a tech billionaire who buys all the auto outlets in the Valley and becomes a boss.”

Cobra Kai Season 4 arrives on Netflix on December 31. Will we already see a possible cameo by Andrew Garfield here, or has the actor been too busy lately? But here is the video of his reaction to the thanks of the cast of Cobra Kai for his support:

While waiting to figure out if the actor will be in Cobra Kai, it remains a mystery whether he will return in future Spider-Verse projects.



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