Euphoria Season 2: Tom Holland To Feature In A Role?

Euphoria Season 2: Tom Holland To Feature In A Role?

Now that the Spider-Man trilogy that started with Homecoming has ended, it seems Tom Holland wants more screen time with Zendaya. In fact, the actor would have asked his partner to appear in the series Euphoria, which is coming to HBO with a second season.

Tom Holland spoke about his desire to make a cameo in Euphoria during a recent interview with questions from IMDb fans. “I’ve petitioned to appear in Euphoria, several times, and it hasn’t happened yet and I’m very disappointed,” the actor said.

“I think he’s been on set at least 30 times this season,” Zendaya added.

The HBO series, which premiered in 2019, stars Zendaya as Rue, a 17-year-old high school girl with a drug addiction who has lived a trauma-filled life and connects with her classmates. A teaser for next season introduced Rue between high school parties, police chases, and violent encounters.

According to Tom Holland, he is not expected to make an appearance this season, and for Zendaya it was a missed opportunity. “We should have tried as you do with easter eggs. We could have just placed you there,” the actress added. To which Tom Holland replied: “I want to be in Euphoria !”

We don’t know at the moment if the series will return for a third season, but just in case that could be the perfect opportunity to have Tom Holland make a cameo in Euphoria.

Now Tom Holland and Zendaya are together in the cinema with Spider-Man No Way Home. The two first played Peter Parker and MJ in Spider-Man: Homecoming, released in 2017, and again in Far From Home, from 2019.

Their romantic relationship was officially confirmed in 2021, and they were first spotted kissing in July.

Euphoria Season 2: When Will It Release?

The show was renewed for a second season in July 2019. Since the announcement, the fans have been waiting for the release of its second season. The filming for the same was scheduled to start in March but was later halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Ahead of the second season, two new special episodes are marked to release in December 2021. The release date of the second season will be released on January 9, 2022. 

“There is a beautiful second season that has been written. But in order to do it the way we want to do it, we need to wait until it’s safer,” said Zendaya when reflecting over the second season.



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