Riverdale Season 6: When Will Episode 6 Release? Date Revealed!

Riverdale Season 6: When Will Episode 6 Release? Date Revealed!

On December 14, The CW aired the last episode of Riverdale 6 before the Christmas break: when is the season back on the air?

When Will It Return To Netflix With New Episodes?

The sixth season of Riverdale opened with a special event consisting of 5 episodes, unlike the previous chapters, which immediately entered the heart of the story. This first block was presented to the public with the title of Rivervale, during which fans accompanied the protagonists in a dimension parallel to the one they have always been used to visiting, in which supernatural events have dominated it.

The five episodes in question aired between November 16 and December 14. With the 6 × 05, entitled The Jughead Paradox, we said goodbye to Rivervale and returned to Riverdale, exactly when the fourth season had ended. Before we can see the new episodes, we will have to wait a long time.

So when is Riverdale 6 back on the CW? The network has long since made it known when the TV series would return to entertain its loyal fans after the Christmas break. Unfortunately, it will not be January, as some might have expected. The new episodes of Riverdale 6 are, in fact, scheduled for March 6, 2022. The TV series changes evening, passing from Tuesday to Sunday evening.

Where To Stream Riverdale

The teen drama is readily available online. In fact, several streaming platforms have Riverdale in their catalog. Yes, the TV series has changed the evening, anticipating it by one day. After the first five episodes of the Rivervale event, the teen drama goes on hiatus until March 6, 2022. Filming started at the end of August. The first five seasons and the latest six seasons with five episodes are available to watch on Netflix.

In season 6 of Riverdale also falls the 100th episode of the TV series, which coincides with the 6 × 05, the final chapter of the Rivervale event. We will find the protagonists dressed as in the comics for the occasion. In The Jughead Paradox, this is the title of the episode. We find Jones committed to unraveling the mysteries that surround Rivervale. It will be exciting to see how the storyline will turn out to be after the end of the unique five-episode Rivervale event. 



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