Riverdale Season 6: A Character Is Back From Death? Deets Inside

Riverdale Season 6: A Character Is Back From Death? Deets Inside

A surprising return awaits us in “Riverdale”: After a series character actually died in season 3, the latest celebrates a comeback in the new episode of season 6. (Caution, spoilers for all “Riverdale” episodes from seasons 3 to 6 possible)

“Riverdale” Season 6: Surprising Comeback After Serial Death

“Riverdale” is always good for a surprise. For the 100th episode of the series, the series maker has come up with something very special: A “Riverdale” resident will celebrate his comeback despite serial death.

And slowly gets complicated: only recently, the whole series of death confusion had to be cleared up with a secret scene. Lots of crazy things happened in #Rivervale, but tomorrow the five-episode “Rivervale” event will come to an end, and hopefully, the series’ confusion will come to an end with it. Nevertheless, there is a surprising twist for the 100th episode. 

Ben Button, who jumped out the window in season 3 of “Riverdale” to sacrifice himself to the Gargoyle King, has risen from his serial death. A new script for the 100th episode “Riverdale”, which was made exclusively available to EW, reveals more.

After Serial Death In Season 3: Ben Button Is Back In “Riverdale”

Lately, serial deaths seem to be the “Riverdale” maker’s favourite topic. Apart from the fact that surprising people have died in the last few episodes, there is now a reunion with a long-deceased “Riverdale” resident: Ben Button, who jumped out of the window in season 3 of “Riverdale”. Here is the dialogue between him and Jughead: 

Jughead: … Ben. You are ben button. 

Ben: Of course I am, who else should I be? 

Jughead: But … you died, Ben. You sacrificed yourself to the Gargoyle King by jumping out the window. 

Ben: No, you’re thinking of the guy from Stonewall Prep. 

Jughead: Mr. Chipping? No, he jumped out the window too, but you did it first. 

Ben: Maybe you were just hallucinating?

Jughead: Yeah, or I’m hallucinating now. 

Ben: FYI: Daytime hallucinations are a symptom of paranoid schizophrenia. Maybe this is happening right now. Listen have a great day  

This dialogue from the script of the 100th episode of “Riverdale” is as confusing as the whole series itself. Is Jughead just dreaming? Was it all just a fake? Or is he even sick? Tomorrow there will finally be the new “Riverdale” episode with us, hopefully, some answers.



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