Squid Game Season 2: Is Gi-Hun The New Frontman?

Squid Game Season 2: Is Gi-Hun The New Frontman?

“Squid Game” quickly became the most successful Netflix series. Various fan theories are lined up around season 2. One of them concerns Gi-hun’s main character: will he be the new frontman?

The Korean series “Squid Game” quickly developed into the most successful Netflix series. The protagonist of the series is Seong Gi-hun, who decides to participate in the deadly games due to gambling debts and personal problems. Various fan theories are circulating in season 2. Above all, the future role of the frontman is uncertain: Will Gi-hun be the new frontman?

Gi-hun Is Determined To End The Games

After surviving the Games and winning the 45.6 billion won, Gi-hun is paralyzed by trauma and guilt. Eventually, he is contacted by Oh Il-Nam, who turns out to be a living person and the original founder of the “Squid Game” competition. After their last meeting, Gi-hun is preparing to travel to America with his daughter. But he decides not to get on the plane after seeing a “Squid Game” recruiter.

That suggests Gi-hun wants to destroy the games in Squid Game Season 2, but his fate could be much grimmer. Although the frontman plays a significant role in “Squid Game,” he mostly remains a mystery. The biggest revelation was the secret of his identity. Most questions about his mask, history, and personality are still open. We also don’t know if he’s the first frontman.

Il-Nam Leaves The Frontman With A Powerful Empire

The secret villain and game founder Oh Il-nam dies at the end of “Squid Game.” His death could have massive repercussions on the organization he founded, as Il-nam gave the frontman a great deal of power when he joined the Games. So his trust in the frontman has to be great. After Il-nam’s death, the current frontman could take on an even bigger role and leave his post.

There is a chance that someone new will take on the frontman role. Gi-hun seemed to be a compassionate man for the duration of the games, which acted essentially non-violently. At the end of the games, he detested them. However, this does not rule out Gi-hun switching to the dark side.

Is Gi-hun Destroying The Games From The Inside Out?

In addition to his compassionate manner, Gi-hun also showed the viewers that he is capable of deplorable behavior when needed. He takes advantage of his mother and steals her money, and he doesn’t seem to have any contact with his daughter. But are these indications that speak for a career as a frontman? Not necessarily.



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