You Season 4: Are Desperate Housewives Returning?

You Season 4: Are Desperate Housewives Returning? 

The third season of “You” came to a fiery end. The Netflix series had a number of popular guest actors over the past season, including ” Desperate Housewives ” icon Marcia Cross. She now announced that she was interested in participating in the following episodes of the bloody series.

In the romantic thriller series, actress Marcia Cross played Jean, Matthew Engler’s down-to-earth attorney. She tries to convince her grieving client that Joe and Love Goldberg did not murder his wife. Both fans and the actress expressed a desire to continue appearing on the series.

How Could Marcia Cross Make A Comeback As Jean?

In an interview with the US magazine The Daily Beast, Cross spoke about her experiences on the set of “You”. She was asked to imagine playing Joe’s “Love Interest”. The actress replied that she would do anything for it.

In the season 3 finale of the Netflix hit, Joe kills his wife but makes it look like she has him on her conscience. All so that he can follow his new crush Marienne to Paris. He takes on a new identity. Cross would be a good candidate for a storyline that could reveal Joe’s wrong play.

Is Love Still Alive And Following Joe To Paris?

There are several reasons the series makers killed Love. First and foremost, Love and Joe couldn’t get along. The two were always destined to clash with their violent tendencies, jealousy, and obsessive personalities. One of them had to die.

By killing Love in a twist ending, the series makers allow Joe to leave the suburbs and continue his story elsewhere. While “You” repeatedly reveals Joe’s obsessive patterns, the series has also explored his background, how he killed his father to save his mother and how his mother eventually abandoned him.

Given that backstory, Joe has a score to deal with his mother, and the series may address these and other issues in future seasons. But that doesn’t work if Joe is dead.

No Corpse, No Funeral

What are the indications for a return of Love? For one thing, Joe’s wife didn’t get a funeral. The burning of her body in the house that Joe set on fire is also not shown. Love also knows better about the poison of the monkshood and accordingly knows an antidote. So she could have made it out of the burning house to get revenge on Joe later.



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