The Last Man on Earth Cancelled: Here’s what we were expecting

The Last Man on Earth Cancelled: Here’s what we were expecting

The Last Man on Earth has been an amazing series with its perfect blend between drama, sci-fi and comedy. The story has been set in a post-apolocyptic world that has been tainted with a deadly virus. The series ended up in a major, major spoiler that left everything to imagination. A completely new plot point was about to be released,but then it got cancelled.

What happened to season 5?

After leaving us with such a cliffhanger the makers of the series, FOX studios, have decided to not to renew this series for another season. All of the fans of the series are crushed with the announcement as we will probably never know what will happen next.

The story of Phil Miller

Almost a year after the deadly virus swept the world, Phil Miller (Will Ford) appears to be the only human survivor in late 2020. When he sought out other people and painted posters in every state, he discovered that he was indeed the last one alive and living in his hometown of Tucson, Arizona after he couldn’t find anyone. 

After years of loneliness, he decided to commit suicide by hitting his truck against a stone. He happened to look to the side before striking and saw the smoke. He eventually found another survivor, Carol Pierbasian (Christine Shale). Although they are very annoyed with each other, Carol thinks it is their job to repopulate the world as the last two survivors, but insists that Phil marry her due to the reason that she didn’t want them out of wedlock. Although Phil thought it absurd to stick to “old world” traditions, they agreed to get married. In the months that followed, more survivors joined them. When Phil’s annoying attitude led to his banishment from Tucson, Carol left with him. What follows is their journey as they navigate their life and find new survivors. 

The cliffhanger of season 4

“Oh farts.” This is the last sentence of Phil “Tandy” Miller in “The Last Man on Earth” because he and his temporary family have been identified by dozens of people and surrounded by unknown survivors.

Who are those people? Why did they come out of the underground bunker? What about those gas masks? 

These questions will be answered in season 5, and according to creator and star Will Forte, this will be the last in the series. Instead, Fox cancelled the post-apocalyptic satire after the finale of the fourth season.

What would have been new in the next season?

The last episode of The Last Man On Earth seems to end in a positive way. Phil and other survivors are about to settle on a new land, but are surrounded by a mysterious group wearing gas masks. Since “The Last Man on Earth” was cancelled soon, this will be the last scene of the show. However, Will Ford later revealed a rough plan for how this new combination will operate on the show. 

The Last Man On Earth Season 5 will explain that this group of people has been living in underground bunkers after the virus outbreak that wiped out most of the humans. When they believed that the virus was extinct, they reappeared, only to meet Phil’s team. After some distrust, the two groups finally formed an alliance, and the leader of the other camp was destined to become a big celebrity. Unfortunately, although Phil’s team has developed immunity to the virus over time, they are also carriers, so in a dark comedy turn, once the mask is removed, other survivors will be wiped out.


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