Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4: Ending Explained! The Blossom History!

Riverdale Season 6 Episode 4: Ending Explained! The Blossom History!

During the night, the American network The CW welcomed the fourth episode of the sixth season of the teen drama with Cole Sprouse and KJ Apa and a crossover with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Let’s find out what happened during the fourth episode of the Rivervale event, entitled Chapter Ninety-Nine: The Witching Hour (s).

During the night of Bailey’s Comet, which occurs every 65 years, Cheryl reads Nana Rose the stories of Poppy and Abigail Blossom, specifically the events that struck them during the comet’s passage in their time. Here’s the complete explanation of episode 4.

Abigail Blossom, 1892

For Abigail, it all begins with a love story between her and a certain Thomasina Topaz, a teacher hired to educate her girls. Initially, Abigail doesn’t show much in keeping with the woman’s educational method. Thomasina prefers to skip the lessons related to etiquette, to talk about the comet and how women can begin to take on some of the power that has always been of men. Initially, the two collide, but eventually, love is born.

Abigail is forced to marry Finn anyway because he threatens to kill Thomasina. However, Blossom’s wedding night plans are different from Finn’s. Abigail attacks the man with an axe. She then runs to her true love but discovers that Fogarty has killed her. The serial killer, however, is not yet dead. Before exhaling his last breath, as Bailey’s Comet soars the skies, Finn curses Abigail by saying:

“May your life be as long and lonely as the comets. May you be loveless and alone for all your miserable days.”

At that point, Finn dies, and the curse leads us to the second story.

Poppy Blossom, 1957

Poppy has organized an evening for the women of Rivervale. Present are Elaina (Alice), Velma (Veronica), Bitsy (Betty), and Tammy (Tabitha). It seems that the latter have gathered to complain about their respective husbands. Tammy’s better half won’t let her work at Pop’s, so Poppy gives her some herbs that would have knocked him out.

On the other hand, Bitsy is not happy with Jack (Jughead), who wants another child. The woman does not believe in divorce, but Poppy gives her ginger roots with particular properties that serve as a contraceptive. Between the two, there is also a kiss.

Velma then complains about the moments of intimacy with her husband. Thus, Blossom gives her a copy of the Kama Sutra, along with some natural aphrodisiac substance. All of Poppy’s gifts, however, backfire. Jack comes to her with his wife, livid with rage, and orders her to stay out of his marriage. The other husbands do the same, to the point of wanting to expel her from the city.

Kirk Keller (Kevin) escorts the woman to the station for questioning. When Poppy refuses to sign a confession declaring her a Communist, she puts her in jail. Bitsy visits her once, but only to tell her she is pregnant and close with her. That is until nine months pass, and suddenly Bitsy needs Poppy’s help.

Poppy then returns to Thornhill, where she lives under house arrest for the rest of her life, rejected by everyone. At this point, let’s move on to Cheryl.

Cheryl Blossom, Today

Cheryl invites the girls out to see the comet, telling them she will stay in the house with Nana. Rose was not feeling well. Blossom is helping her grandmother transition to the afterlife. The first step seems to be to read Abigail and Poppy’s stories to the woman.

The second, however, is the arrival of Cheryl’s friend, Sabrina Spellman. The little witch explains that she has joined her to help her make a transfer, and together they complete the spell: an exchange of bodies between Nana Rose and Cheryl because?

Because Cheryl, in reality, was never really Cheryl, but Poppy, who in turn was always Abigail. 



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