Money Heist: A Spin-Off On Alicia Sierra! Fans Issue Petition!

Money Heist: A Spin-Off On Alicia Sierra! Fans Issue Petition!

On December 3, 2021, Netflix released the last five episodes of Money Heist, which ended the heist of the century. A cycle has, therefore, closed, but only for the moment. We already know that a TV series about Berlin will be released in 2023. The fans, however, are not satisfied, and for this reason, a petition was born to dedicate a spin-off to Alicia Sierra.

Fans Start A New Petition For Alicia Sierra

The initiative started from Spain, from a certain Enrica Valdes, who relied on the site par excellence dedicated to these occasions: In the text of the petition, opened on December 4, 2021, one day after the debut of Money Heist 5 Volume 2, we can read:

“Alicia Sierra is a fictional character in the Netflix hit The House of Paper, played by Najwa Nimri. The series has become a global phenomenon and has gained millions of passionate fans over the years, and now, after five seasons, the end has come.” 

“Actress Najwa Nimri joined the cast in 2019 for the third season, and her character has evolved that has made her a crucial figure in plot development and resolution.”

“With this petition, we are asking for a spin-off to be made to cover the future of a character with great unexplored potential due to its complexity and a story that has left too many questions unanswered.”

For the moment, the goal is rather limited: to reach 1000 signatures, a goal not far away, given that we are almost at 800. Obviously, once we reach 1000, we will continue to move the target to a higher figure. La Casa di Carta producer Jesus Colmenar has always stated that each character in the series could hold a spin-off. We will therefore see what happens.

It is not the first time that fans of a TV series have launched a petition. The same thing had happened, for example, to ask for the rescue of Lucifer and later the production of a sixth season, situations that later occurred.

Berlin: This Spin-Off Is Official

In the fifth season of Money Heist, we were introduced to the character of Berlin’s son. At that moment, it was not justified why the makers had suddenly introduced a new character in the middle season. But later, in the Season 5 finale, the blurred image got clear. The character now gets more importance since the announcement of a spin-off, focused on the character of Berlin. None other than Andres de Fonollosa will return to portray the role of Berlin in the spin-off. So far, it is not known which other characters will be featuring in the spin-off.



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