Netflix cancels The Society Season 2!

Netflix cancels The Society Season 2!

I understand how disappointing it’s that Netflix canceled The Society after Season 1. Personally, the ending may be a bit unclear and lots of viewers want an extension of the second season. Before we dive into the updates and news, let’s get a basic understanding of the show. It is an American mystery teen drama television series produced and written by Christopher Keyse that was released on Netflix back in May 10, 2019.

When an area high school student returns early within the last half of the excursion, he notices that everybody else is gone. the town is surrounded by dense forest. the surface world seems to possess disappeared and you cannot pass phone or internet. To survive with scarce resources, children must devise their own laws. And, of course, there are many challenges that the group must face. The show is extremely popular and lots of viewers want it to be updated.

Is the series really canceled?

The series was initially extended to the second season but was canceled after only one season thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic. thanks to an epidemic issue, the show was canceled on August 21, 2020, resulting in increased costs and difficult production schedules. Now, Netflix has issued a press release regarding the cancellation of The Society.

 “I made a difficult decision to not continue the second season of the society, but I’m not okay,” Netflix said during a statement. “I’m disappointed that I even have to form these decisions due to things caused by COVID,” he added. Showrunner Chris Kaiser told sources about the show. “We were all preparing for the next season but then we got this disappointing call,” We made this decision. “It’s very, of course. it had been annoying and sudden.

He added: “We’ve been working on Netflix and  budget spikes, and all of that. There was ongoing discussion, we knew  there was a challenge to this.”

We never got our answers 

As you recognize, the show actually ended with a cliffhanger. there’s still no clear idea of what happened and why it all happened. And even showrunners said about the top of the show. Kieser said: “That’s very annoying. But I do not have complete control over it. But it might be suitable for everybody. Like many during this era, we’ve to affect the losses caused by this pandemic. We expect it’s like of these little shops and restaurants that are closed and never reopened. Our people are unemployed, but that applies to the entire country. “

Fans want the show back!

Not only the society but also the audience and performers were dissatisfied. With this news, has begun to petition for the continuation of the show. The show has about 130,000 signatures, demonstrating that it has a loyal viewer in the second season of the society. 

Star Kathryn Newton personally signed the petition and shared it on Twitter. “The petition to save society made me very pleased that I signed it. Hehe  I love #The Society very much!” She tweeted. Check out the tweets below.


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