Devilman Crybaby Season 2 not coming back: We finally know why!

Devilman Crybaby Season 2 not coming back: We finally know why!

It has been two years since the release of Devilman Crybaby Season One and since then everyone can’t help but wonder when will it come back? Or will it ever? And now with the two years gone with no new updates and possible hope we can dubiously accept that perhaps it is not coming back again. We’ll explore all the reasons that could have caused the creators make such a decision.

About the anime

The show’s story revolves around a boy named Akira Fudo. He is the protagonist of the entire series. Akira is a high school student, he lives with his only friend and childhood lover. Miki Makimura, her brother Taro, and her parents Noel and Akiko. One day, he saved his enthusiasm from the gang of rappers. He was beaten up by the team, but was rescued by his childhood friend Asuka Ryo. After rescuing them, Ryo told Akira that when he went to explore the Amazon rainforest, he found the presence of a demon in the jungle. The shocking thing is that the government hides its presence. 

In search of demons, Asuka calls for help. Akira agreed to help Ryo and find the monster. Ryo took Akira to an immortal party. Slowly, the devil showed his true colors and controlled the human body, and the party turned into a living hell. The monster attacks Akira and Ryo, and Ryo is attacked and controlled by the demon. Akira was also attacked by a terrorist named Amon. Akira’s willpower helped him get rid of the possession. And Akira uses Amon’s power to kill other monsters. 

As the story unfolds further, Akira confronts Ryo. He discovered that Ryo was the fallen angel Satan from heaven. God destroyed Liang’s body, but his soul survived and he was reincarnated as a man. Ryo wants to eliminate humanity from the earth. In order to survive in the coming world, he turned Akira into a demon. Ryo asked Akira to join him, but he refused. Akira teamed up with other demons to fight against Satan. But in the end, he was defeated, and in the end, he died.

The reason why it might not come back

We have pondered again and again and there is only one possible answer: the show has ended. It terms of content the show has already exhausted the material as the entire manga was adopted in the very first season. And it could also possibly be because the story already got completed with the first installment. Akira fought and is already dead. With that the story couldn’t be possibly be elongated with the main characters. The creators can indeed come up with a spin off but first, it won’t be canon and second it just wouldn’t feel right. The open ended conclusion with the world takeover was awesome with the space to speculate the world on your own. Adding things on their own would mean that it would definitely displease some viewers and leave them dissatisfied. With such ending the creators did the right thing.  


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