Holiday Wars Season 3: Get ready for another festive bake-off!

Holiday Wars Season 3: Get ready for another festive bake-off!

For some, the Christmas season is synonymous with “holiday baking,” and the has exciting news for Christmas bakers. consistent with a handout sent to Mashed, Food Network’s long-awaited third season, “Holiday Wars,” has not only received a green light but is coming soon. The essential premise of “Holiday Wars” is a series of creative and bizarre people that create and showcase the simplest of multiple teams of “Cake Masters and Sugar Artists” for the vacation season and compete with one another during a challenge. 

It is a Christmas exhibition of cakes and sugar. Consistent with Food Network, within the first episode, the team had to present “the most entertaining portrayal of a robber who steals Santa`s famous” prank list “by the world`s most naughty kids.”

Holiday Wars is comparatively young compared to other Food Network Christmas Baking Competitions, like the vacation Baking Championship, so it has its own booth with unique details for every season in terms of organizers, judges, and competition structure. It seems to be there. So keep reading what we all know about Holiday Wars Season 3 thus far, including the release date, hosts, and judges.

Official release date

The very first glimpse of Holiday wars was on November 25, 2018, which launched as a one-off special(via Food Network). This particular episode doesn’t currently appear to be available for streaming (unlike all seasons 1 and 2), but when the one-off episode returns to the full season of 4 episodes as a series on Sunday, December 1, 2019 (via IMDb). The subsequent year, Holiday Wars returned with another six-part Season premiered on Sunday, November 1st.

Holiday Wars is back on the first Sunday of November, according to a press release sent to Mashed. The release date is Sunday, November 7th, the “biggest and best season”. The very first episode of the new season will premiere at 9 pm. Eastern Standard Time, reruns, and streaming options (via Food Network).

What to expect from season 3?

Holiday Wars has changed the format of the third season, additionally to new presenters and new juries. As FoodSided emphasized, “the show started within the midst of competition” in recent years. “With no introduction, background or explanation, the viewer was thrown into the center of the team creating the Christmas show,” and “pretended to miss the primary a part of the show.” However, in Season 3, in the initial 3 episodes themselves, the teams got shrunk down from 9 to just 3! 

In each of the primary three episodes, three teams compete with one another and one is eliminated at the top of every episode (a total of six remain until episode 4). At the top of Episode 4, the sector is going to be narrowed right down to five teams, and at the top of Episode 5, another team is going to be eliminated. 

However, Food Network has released only five episodes so far, and it’s estimated that the third season of “Holiday Wars” will continue after the fifth episode. We know that the episode promises to be as strange as the previous season. For instance, in Episode 5, the remaining five teams are asked, “Imagine a friendly alien celebrating a vacation on another planet.” this may certainly be interesting, so stay tuned.


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