Overlord Season 4: Release date and surprise movie!

Overlord Season 4: Release date and surprise movie!

Over two years later, fan-favorite anime series “Overlord” is finally making a comeback in season 4, along with a new original movie! “Overlord” is a Japanese anime television series, adapted from the light novel series of the same name by Maruyama Hisakane, illustrated by SoBin. The series is produced by Madhouse, directed by Naoyuki Ito, written by Sugawara Yukie, and composed by Katayama Shuji.

Much like the nature of adapted novels or manga, anime fans are used to long breaks between seasons, but after a period of time, they begin to worry that it might be canceled. More than two years have passed since the third season of the dark fantasy anime “Overlord” ended, and fans finally know what lies in the future!

This anime series is unique and involves virtual games. Set in 2138, the online games control the world. The online game fell asleep and the player refused to disconnect. He got caught up in the game and became the Momonga, a powerful wizard. Momonga began to control the new world of the novel with an iron fist, killing all who opposed him. Ever since all three seasons came out, fans have been wondering about the sequel. 

The anime tells a story that takes place in an era in the future, and a character is involved in suspended play. Last season ended in a cliffhanger, leaving many issues unsolved, making plenty of room for exploration in the upcoming season, so fans felt desperate and eagerly awaiting season four.

Season 4 release date

Although no particular date has been launched by the animators speculating based on the previous releases of the seasons it can be said that it wil be released in Fall 2021.

The movie!

With the announcement of Season 4, it is officially confirmed that Overlord will receive an anime movie. The production staff and cast have not yet confirmed, but it is expected that many will replay their roles in the animated series. The Overlord movie has not yet confirmed the release date, but it has been confirmed that it will adapt the Holy Kingdom Arc.

What to expect from season 4?

The Overlord series covers a two-volume series in one season. Nine volumes have been completed in three seasons, and now there are only five volumes left because the series has only 14 volumes. Therefore, the fourth quarter will play the 10th, 11th and 12th volumes. “The Ruler of Conspiracy” is the name of the tenth volume of the series.. 

It is set to follow the story of how the protagonist of the series Ainz turned this place into heaven for all races. Ainz began this paradise calmly, turning to the empire to establish a guild of adventurers. The leaders of other countries are plotting against Ainz and the country he recently discovered. 

The name of the eleventh volume is “The Dwarf’s Craftsman.” Here, Ainz leads the dwarf kingdom with the sole reason to find the lost rune magic. He embarked on the journey with Shatia Bloodfall and Ola Bella Fiora. After reaching the kingdom, Ainz discovered that the kingdom was under an exaggerated attack of humanoid origin. Ainz decided to help them in exchange for their support. Quagoas is the indestructible origin of the mountains of Azerlisia. 

The name of the twelfth volume is “The Champion of the Holy Kingdom.” This volume sees the hit of the Lord of the Nightmare Jaldabaoth. Furthermore, the humans managed to destroy the walls of the Holy Kingdom. The Great Wall is the honor of the Holy Kingdom. At the call of the People’s Liberation Army, Ainz Gong led the Holy Kingdom to destroy the Demon Emperor and his army. 

Ainz Ur Gong, the protagonist and demigod, the great tomb can play a very important role in the fourth season.


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