Understanding the ending of Locke and Key Season 2!

Understanding the ending of Locke and Key Season 2!

Netflix’s “Locke and Key” follows the adventures of the Locke children in their mystical ancestral home. The powerful keys hidden around the house have a spread of powers, and therefore the epic battle between demonic beings and the Locke family continues in Season 2. 

New keys are discovered and therefore the unsuspecting citizens of Matheson become demons within the second season of the superb horror series. With the season two finale literally called “suspense,” you recognize there are tons of excellent things to try to do. Let’s take a glance at the top of the second season of “Locke and Key.” SPOILERS AHEAD.

Season 2 Recap

Season 2 begins three months after Ellie’s disappearance in season 1. Things are asleep and Locke’s children have started using the powerful keys on a daily basis for various tasks. However, Tyler remains worried about forgetting magic when he turns eighteen and using the passkey to penetrate the mind of Erin, Rendell’s old flame. They eventually discover that Tyler’s father, Rendell, went through an identical dilemma as a toddler and helped create the Memory Key. While checking out the storage key, it seems that Rendell’s younger brother Duncan faked it.

Meanwhile, Gabe, who is secretly channeling the demon Dodge, tries to forge his own key. After several setbacks, he realizes that he needs the assistance of a member of the Locke family to finish the method. When he learns how Duncan forged a key as a toddler, Gabe focuses all of his energy on kidnapping him. Ultimately, Duncan is captured and made to make a demonic key for Gabe. With him, he begins to create a military of minions, and shortly several people within the city, including Detective Mutuku and Tyler’s friend Jackie, become demonic beings.

A flashback dates back to 1775 when Keyhouse was attacked by the British during the War of Independence. A brutal soldier named Frederick Gideon attacks the house and kills Locke’s patriarch, Peter. He then flees from the villagers seeking refuge during a cave by the ocean, where he discovers a portal that greets him with monstrous energy. However, we later see the villagers arrest and execute Gideon.

Ending: Did Dodge die? Where are Gabe and Eden?

Tyler finally creates the Alpha Key with Duncan`s help to counter demonic entities. To his horror, but, he realizes that it kills every demon and its host. Eventually, Gabe`s army is whittled down, and Tyler ultimately succeeds in stabbing him with the key. With the demonic villain seemingly vanquished, the gang returns to the Keyhouse to seek out a lady that appears like Dodge but claims to be Ellie. 

When she is in a position to require a mystical key from the arms of the Locke children (something demons can’t do), it’s confirmed that the lady is, in fact, Ellie. Meanwhile, Eden escapes and begins to formulate her private plan to gain power. She steals a key from Gabe`s lair and enters the Well house, freeing the traditional spirit of Frederick Gideon. 

Whilst she tries to order throughout the traditional demonic entity, Gideon throws her into the Well and, using the Anywhere Key from Eden, disappears through the storage closet door next to the property.

A lot happens within the avalanche of intertwined stories that unfolds at an equivalent time within the season two finale. The confrontation with Gabe, who channels the demonic Echo Dodge, is that the central battle for Locke’s children. After Tyler stabs him with the alpha key, which kills both demons and humans, Tyler is for certain that the villain is dead. However, Dodge has faked death before and it might be better to check out what happens.

As a human, Gabe is dead. Dodge, who was in Gabe’s body, is an echo and seemingly impossible to kill. So Dodge could only be alive. However, since the demon has nobody, it’s possible that he has returned to the mysterious void from which he came. there’s also the likelihood that the demon has turned back to a whispering piece of metal and is biding its time before it can channel itself into another body.

It’s also worth noting that Lucas reappears within the final scenes after being free of Dodge. He was the primary human Dodge to be infected a few years ago and has remained under the control of the demonic echo ever since. Seeing Lucas finally become himself, in any case, these years shows that Dodge, while not necessarily dead, doesn’t have a human body immediately.

Eden survives the attack by the Locke children after separating from Gabe. After she frees the traditional demonic being named Gideon, she is thrown into the well. Again, we do not know if Eden is dead, but he is undoubtedly indisposed. Presumably, he’s trapped within the well and may only get out if someone summons him with the echo button (similar to how Ellie Lucas / Dodge summoned him in season 1).


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