5 shows like Squid Games you need to watch right now!

5 shows like Squid Games you need to watch right now!

“Squid Game” may be a very fashionable South Korean action-drama series that revolves around a gaggle of desperate and indebted people that play a deadly game for an opportunity to win $ 45.6 billion ($ 38.1 million Dollar). Screenwriter Hwang DongHyuk said that he reads tons of comics (including Japanese manga) and needs to try to do a show about the survival game in a Korean context. 

Survival games is a popular manga/anime genre. So there’s probably some anime that inspired Hwang to make “Squid Game”. If you’ve got already seen the series and are interested in anime with similar concepts and themes, we have the right list of recommendations. you’ll watch most of those “squid games” as anime on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Crunchyroll, or Funimation.

5. Hunter x Hunter 

In “Hunter x Hunter”, Gon Freecss grew abreast of Whale Island and believes that his father, Ging Freecss, is dead. When he learns that Ging lives and is legendary as a hunter, Gon triggers to require Orion exam to follow in the footsteps of an older man. During the exam and therefore the subsequent trip, Gon meets tons of interesting people; some become his friends, another play the role of his enemies. 

In both “Hunter x Hunter” and “Squid Game” the family is a crucial tool for action. Gi-hun plays the sport to realize custody of his daughter and arrange treatment for his mother, while Gon becomes a hunter to bond together with his missing father

4. The Future Diary

In “Mirai Nikki” or “The Future Diary”, Yukiteru Amano is one among 12 people chosen by Deus Ex Machina, the god of time and space, to play a survival game. Participants learn that the eventual winner is going to be Deus’s successor. Each player’s telephone has become a journal of the longer term which will predict the longer-term in a way that suits the personality of every user. Both Squid Game and Mirai Nikki explore human depravity by showing what we are capable of when given the proper incentive.

3. Darwin’s Game

“Darwin`s Game” is about Kaname Sudou, who starts the sport of an equivalent name at the invitation of a lover. He initially he doesn’t know what the results of defeat could also be. Each player is assigned a seal that corresponds to a selected power granted. Both Kaname and Gihun from ‘Squid Game’ develop a latent hatred for his or her respective game master. For Kaname, it goes one step further and becomes a killing intent.

2. Kakegurui 

As with the `Squid Game`, the sport is that the main theme in` Kakegurui`, although the latter glorifies vice while the previous emphasizes its destructive potential. “Kakegurui” takes place at a prestigious school called the Hyakkaou Private Academy, where wealthy students risk their fortunes to realize fame, recognition, and power. The hierarchical system of the varsity isn’t supported by academic or athletic performance, but by how good the scholars are as players.

1. Tower of God 

Based on a web series by Manhwa from South Korea written and illustrated by SIU, “Kami no Tou” or “Tower of God” follows TwentyFifth Bam, who lived his entire life during a dark cave. His only understanding of the surface world is that the gap above. One day, a woman named Rachel falls through the rift and changes her world. She discovers that Rachel has got to climb a tower to satisfy her heart’s desire. He joins her and climbs u the tower. Like “Squid Game”, “Kami no Tou” deals with themes like mystery and cultural and economic inequality.


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