Is Henry dead in You Season 3?

Is Henry dead in You Season 3?

Netflix ‘You’ follows the desperately romantic serial murderer Joe, and in season 3 he reluctantly moves together with his wife and newborn son, Henry, to an idyllic area. As strange because it could seem that a known murderer leads an ideal domestic life, Joe manages to stay his son out of the grueling and chaotic adventures that he and his wife continue. 

However, Henry’s life is in peril, and that we see a really different side of Joe as he fights a fear he had never known before. Season 3 also ends with Joe, who appears to be alone without a wife and child. What happened to Henry within the third season of “You”? Does he die? Let’s determine.

Did Henry die?

Despite all the risks and bloodshed, her newborn son Henry’s life is at stake for the foremost unexpected reasons. It seems that the kid is diagnosed with measles and becomes critical because the fever doesn’t go down. Joe, who is typically calm and picked up even in life-threatening situations, is deaf and can’t move because he fears for the lifetime of his son. 

We get to see a completely different and vulnerable side of Joe. To make matters worse, the daddy appears to possess retrieved his son and passed out while he sniffed at his neighbor Matthew’s house. But amid the fever, Joe receives the news that Henry has recovered and therefore the boy is going to be rescued. The story doesn’t end there, because Henry got sick because he wasn’t vaccinated. 

Liable for spreading the anti-vaccination propaganda he was targeting, the person eventually finishes up in Joe’s iconic glass vault and is possibly one among the few victims who want to kill both Joe and Love. However, the person eventually hangs himself and provides the murderous couple with an appropriate alibi for Natalie’s murder.

But his problems don’t stop there as he is now separating from his wife and son. Although Joe has been brooding about getting far away from Love since season two, he always intended to run away together with his son and begin a replacement life together. 

Unfortunately, Joe is unable to take his son with him as he has got to flee in a hurry after faking his own death. Dante, Joe’s former colleague adopts Henry. This is a very painful conclusion for our hero because he repeatedly accused his parents of innocence. 

Through flashbacks in season 3, we see Joe being repeatedly abandoned from the home by his mother and his favorite nurse. Therefore, Joe is heartbroken to go away from Henry and promises to return for him. He also leaves a letter to his son, the content of which he refuses to debate with the audience.

In the end, Henry survived and is currently growing up in a happy home with Dante and his husband. It remains to be seen if the boy will ever meet his father, or if it’s possible for him to understand the reality of his crimes.


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