King’s Game Season 2 Release Date, Plot, And Characters – What is the latest update?

King's Game Season 2 Release Date, Plot, And Characters - What is the latest update?

While there are now a plethora of deadly competition TV shows, movies, books, and quite kill everyone but the winner, King’s Game is perhaps one among the simplest anime versions of all time. King’s Game, also referred to as Ōsama Game and King’s Game The Animation, was originally released in 2017 and is predicated on Nobuaki Kanazawa’s mobile novel series and is produced by Seven animation studio. 

The show follows high school students who are trapped during a deadly game by an anonymous person named “King” who orders them to finish increasingly difficult and dirtier tasks or die. “King’s Game” is ideal for fans of Netflix’s hit Korean live-action television program, “Squid Game,” which is equally deadly, though it’s worth noting that “King’s Game” is “It’s ten times more bloody and brutal than the previous show. The anime’s first season is merely 12 episodes long, and fans of the show are patiently expecting news of a possible second season for years.

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What is the release date of King’s Game Season 2?

The first season of “King`s Game” was released in late 2017 and sadly, there has been no official update for fans of the series since then. For this reason, it’s unclear whether the program is going to be extended or canceled. But there’s a detail that fans can anticipate even longer because the anime’s ending ends on screen with the words “To be continued”, which essentially promises more within the future (Crunchyroll). 

Season 1 of “King`s Game” features a solid story ending and protagonist Nobuaki Kanazawa is unlikely to return in future episodes, but the concept of the show leaves creators, an open world to play with. The show can easily feature a completely new cast of teenagers during the new combat the deadly competition, so there is no reason for the creators to finish the series. Also, many anime is making a comeback with new seasons years after last season’s release, so it’s definitely possible that season 2 is on the way.

Characters in King’s Game Season 2 (SPOILERS)

This is an enormous spoiler for season 1, but all of them die within the first season of “King`s Game,” so it might be very difficult for the show to streamline the return of the characters. Nobuaki is one among the last teenagers to die, allowing his beloved Riona to survive the sport, but after everything that went on, she commits suicide. 

The season ends with a random person in a different location receiving a text message about the beginning of a King’s Game and fixing the show to start a replacement story with a  completely new cast of characters. Of course, the sole unifying figure would be the king, the being behind the twisted and violent machinations. the primary season shows that the sport actually began as a true virus, but fans of “King`s Game” still haven’t any idea how it all started and who or what was behind the initial development.

King’s Game Season 2 storyline

While the story of Nobuaki and everybody else is clearly closed the primary season of King’s Game, there are a couple of different directions that the second season could take. As mentioned above, King`s Game might be a totally different King`s Game with new characters elsewhere in Japan, or it could devour one among the stories from the first material. 

There’s the prequel manga “King`s Game: Visit”, which records the sport that the character Natsuko survived before participating in the anime contest. Within the television series, Natsuko quickly transforms into a violent and insane girl, able to do anything to make sure of her own survival, and this is often all thanks to her ordeal within the previous game. 

The show could also cover King’s Game: Origin, which takes place 32 years before the King’s Game events at Yonaki Village. One day, a villager receives a random black envelope that triggers a sequence of events that results in the gruesome deaths of everyone who lives there.

No matter during which direction a possible King’s Game season 2 is headed, it’s obvious that this horror franchise still features a lot to explore. The fans just need to wait and see if the creators decide that the universe of “King’s Game” is worth revisiting.


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