Will we ever see Darwin’s Game Season 2?

Will we ever see Darwin's Game Season 2?

“Darwin`s Game” may be a manga series by the author FLIPFLOPs that was originally published in 2012 (via Anime News Network). Follow Kaname Sudou, the typical high school student who is invited to play a mobile game called Darwin’s Game. However, when he signs up for the app, Kaname is shocked to be followed by a killer disguised as a panda and discovers that “Darwin`s Game” (or “DGame” for short) is a few quiet death games. 

Each player within the game receives a “seal”, a special power that’s unique to him and with which he is able to do victory either by forcing his opponent to surrender or just by killing him. The series and therefore the latest anime adaptation follow Kaname’s struggle to survive and escape the brutal game during which he’s trapped. 

An anime adaptation “Darwin`s Game” from animation studio Nexus premiered in spring 2020 and faithfully covered the primary part of the first manga. It originally aired on Japanese television but has gone international through streaming sites like Funimation and, more recently, Netflix. At the top of the show, Kaname and his clan, the Sunset Ravens, plan to take down DGame once and for all by forbidding anyone from playing in his territory as they struggle to seek out the mysterious creator of the sport. 

But while the newest story has yet to be cleared up, fans haven’t received any news regarding the longer term of the series. The question arises: Will there be a second season of “Darwin’s Game”?

We can only speculate about Darwin’s Game Season 2

The Bottom Line: it’s still open if there’ll be a second season of “Darwin’s Game”. It has been quite a year since the primary season of the series originally aired, and since then Nexus has not discussed the likelihood of a second season. This remains the case even after the series launches to a world anime audience because of its launch on Netflix and other streaming services. 

However, all of this doesn’t mean that each one hope for the longer term of Darwin’s Game has been lost, and there’s still the likelihood that it’ll return for an additional season. In fact, it might not be the primary time that an anime series takes an extended hiatus, to return with another season (or more) if that happens at the top. 

Technically, the very fact that Nexus has not publicly or explicitly stated that the series won’t be returning also means the door remains open for a second season of “Darwin’s Game.” However, the longer this waiting period, the less likely the good return of “Darwin’s Game” is. Either way, fans haven’t any choice but to attend for somebody at Nexus to discuss the matter. Until then, there is no way of knowing if “Darwin’s Game” season 2 will happen or not.


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