5 shows like Nine Perfect Strangers you need to watch now!

5 shows like Nine Perfect Strangers you need to watch now!

Hulu’s ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ may be a mystery drama series that takes the viewer into the psychedelic world of a complicated wellness center called Tranquillum House. supported Liane Moriarty’s 2018 novel of an equivalent name, the show follows nine strangers in town who continue a journey together to heal their trauma and reconcile their past, present, and future. 

However, things aren’t what they appear and therefore the resort’s Russian hostess has hers of her own secrets and sinister motives from hers.

Starring Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy, ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ is Hulu’s most-watched original series so far. If you enjoyed the resort setting, the trauma exploration, the overall aura of mystery, and therefore the final twist, we’ve some amazing recommendations for you. You can watch most of those “Nine Perfect Strangers” shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

5. Manifest (2018-2022)

“Manifest” is a supernatural drama program that describes the terrifying and confusing situation that arises when an airplane mysteriously disappears, only to return after five years. The passengers on board are caught in an existential crisis, they’re struggling with their inexplicable but unrealized waste of time and trying to reintegrate themselves into society. Just like the Nine Perfect Strangers’ plot, this two follows a bunch of strangers trying to solve and overcome circumstances that seem out of their control.  There’s also a terrifying murder secret in “Manifest”.

4. Dead To Me (2019-)

An intense comedy with a dark twist, “Dead to Me” explores the chaotic, dry and humorous lifetime of the absurd single mother Jen, who struggles together with her land business and her grieving children after the overtime of her husband. Forced to hitch a support group, she meets upbeat and cheerful Judy and eventually warms up together with her. 

But can her friendship really heal Jen’s trauma if it’s Judy’s secret past that caused her life to fail her? Well, like Nine Perfect Strangers, this series explores topics like mysteries, trauma, and therefore the healing power of newly forged relationships.

3. Big Little Lies (2017-2019)

Big Little Lies may be a mystery drama show supported by a 2014 book, also written by Nine Perfect Strangers Author Liane Moriarty. The tv drama is loved by fans for its intriguing and clear portrayal of the lies that keep the lives of a gaggle of friends intact. The show explores how a horrific murder devastates the affluent coastal city of Monterey, forcing three mothers, Celeste, Madeline, and Jane, to confront the ugly social norms that govern their views of themselves, their relationships, and ultimately, their lives.

It makes perfect sense to observe this dark comedy supported “Nine Perfect Strangers”; in any case, they were both conceived by an equivalent creative mind. Both shows share common themes of interdependent relationships, mystery, and a sudden shift from utopian world to an anti-utopian reality. Also, you’ll see Nicole Kidman as “Celeste” after enjoying her as “Masha.”

2. The White Lotus (2021-)

If you see the rich and privileged elites wandering around luxurious hideaways, grappling with their inflated notions of themselves and therefore the world, then give HBO’s “The White Lotus” an attempt. This show records what happens when strangers are thrown into an initially idyllic but ultimately terrifying environment. With its eloquent satire on the discontented lives of the super-rich and an important emphasis on character relationships, this crime-ridden comedy-drama is certain to captivate you.

1. Russian Doll (2019-)

If you’re curious about time warps, the inevitability of death, hallucinatory drugs, and meeting and collaborating with strangers with a troubled past, you want to try Russian Doll! When fun and uptight game developer Nadia turns 36 and keeps reliving that day of death, she is forced to address her childhood trauma and existential crisis. A stranger with depression, who is stuck with her, helps her through it. 

“Russian Doll” too deals with dark themes like death, trauma, apart from the dark and ugly side of human relationships. It also explores the uneasy friendship between strangers, with a generous dose of dark humor and dazzling surrealism.


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