Squid Game: What do the symbols on Workers’ Mask really mean?

Squid Game: What do the symbols on Workers' Mask really mean?

“Squid Game” is South Korea’s new survival drama that mixes brutal action with incisive social commentary in one disturbing package. The show follows a gaggle of 456 desperate people as they compete for an enormous cash prize during a deadly series of children’s games, all for the entertainment of the rich. Creator Hwang Donghyuk has spoken to Netflix: “I wanted to jolt down a story that dealt with real life allegory or a fable about contemporary capitalist society, but with  an extremely competitive streak,  almost like the competition in everyday life.”

As such, Squid Game is filled with symbolism, especially when it involves colors and, well, symbols. one among the most important puzzles of the primary season is that the simple workers of the competition, all wearing red jumpsuits and differently shaped masks. The show never reveals who these people are or how they work for the games, but there are many fan theories that would explain this. 

Some believe that the staff voted for the red card once they addressed the seller (Gong Yoo), while others believe that they’re contest winners (and since each contest only has one survivor, it might mean tons of times).

Then there are the masks. that features a circle, triangle, or square. because of Hwang and therefore the show’s costumier, Chae KyungSun, a minimum of now we will know what these symbols mean.

It is their Social Ranking

In an interview with Netflix Korea, Hwang and therefore the show’s costumier Chae KyungSun explained the meaning of the 4,444 red overalls worn by the competition workers, and specifically the symbols on their masks. 

It appears that the organizers of the sport, like society as an entire, have a hierarchy, including a category system. Generally, Hwang and Chae wanted the workers to seem like ants in an ant colony, in order that they ended up with the monkey. “At first I wanted a Boy Scout-style outfit, but it portrayed the male characters too well,” Hwang said. “It didn’t really make them appear as if ants in an ant colony, that they had to hide his entire body. And therefore to keep them anonymous the best option was to wear overalls. 

Even with hoodies because they need to hide their faces (via KoreaBoo). And a bit like ants during a colony, staff have specific roles identified by the markings on their masks. “The circles are workers, the triangles are armed soldiers, while the squares are 4,444 managers,” Hwang explained (via Somag News).

The reason these particular symbols were chosen is that they represent letters of the Korean alphabet. The circle is that the letter “O”, Triangulum is a component of the letter “J” and the square is that the letter “M”. And “OJM” are the initials of the Korean name of the octopus game “Ojingeo Geim” (via The Tab).

That riddle is solved, but more remain unsolved. Hopefully, we’ll get more answers once we get Squid Game Season 2.


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