Squid game: What is the hype all about?

Squid game: What is the hype all about?

Every so often a Netflix product comes out of the mines of multimedia content to completely dominate the popular discourse for a few days. We had Stranger Things first, then Emily in Paris, then Bridgerton, and now we have Squid Game, an incestuous series from South Korea that is taking the streaming platform by storm. Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos even said he has “a very good chance” of becoming his most popular show of all time. But all the fuss about what?

What is the show about?

Well, the principle of the Squid game is very simple. With 5.6 billion Koreans at stake (that’s £ 28,605,667.20 or $ 38,71,119. at the time of writing for fans of coins), a group of 56 people with disabilities would choose from among a variety of mainstream games, mostly played by children. But with a very bloodthirsty twist. 

Bodyguards in red uniforms threaten the player with violence and death to force him into the game. Each of the 456 contestants is assigned an ID number and the main character in the show is number 456, also known as Seong GiHun, played by Lee Jung-Jae. 

456 is a gambler who lives with his mother and plays to pay off his debts. Written and directed by Korean director Hwang Donghyuk, the film is not afraid of violence or blood. So get ready for some bloody scenes as you sit down to watch the show.

The red light, the green light (also called Grandma’s Footsteps) ends with the interruption of the road; Another game about collecting small glass marbles also ends with defeated players being hit.

Why did it get this popular?


According to the Guardian’s Henry Wong, the show’s success comes from its masterful cast and collective culture’s obsession with game shows, as well as its incredibly talented cast that includes Lee Jungjae, Park Hae-soo, and Wi Hajoon. 

Tom Usher, writing for GQ, argues that the show’s appeal comes from its surprising emotional response. “Sometimes you step back and think about what you see and think, ‘Why am I crying for pool players? But the simplicity of the situation puts you in danger of life or death. I want something for you. There is another way to play, I always know in my heart that it can never be different.” Damn.

Is the Squid Game irl game?

While it’s clear that there’s no truly deadly tournament where the unlucky ones can pay off their debts, the game featured on the show has given it a name for being very real. Hwang Donghyuk insists that this is a very obvious game, the teams have to jump over an octopus square and touch the head of the octopus to win. 

It is unclear whether the director was actually acting on an octopus-shaped playing field or adding it to dramatic effect. Although all the other games in the series are much more popular and very much real like Red Light, Green Light, Tugofwar, and Marbles.

Will this Korean show get a reboot?

With near-instant success, fans of the series were interested in the second installment of the Squid Game. There is still no confirmation about its release date. However, given the lavish production required for the show, even if season 2 is available to order now, it probably won’t be seen until late 2023.


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