Fake Identity Season 3: Is it ready to come back?

Fake Identity Season 3: Is it ready to come back?

False Identity, also known as Falsa Identity, is a Spanish suspense series that delighted viewers with a thrilling crime drama. The American television series premiered in 2018. It first aired on Telemundo on September 11, 2018, and then on Netflix in 2019, and it quickly caught the public’s attention. 

The drama series premiered at Telemundo’s opening presentation for the 2018-2019 television season and follows two random strangers who must play the role of a stable marriage to escape their past and enemies. Telemundo has not yet officially announced a release date for the third season of False Identity. You shouldn’t be disappointed just yet, as fan theories predict the launch of False Identity’s third season in mid-2021.

The plot of the series

To escape their past, the protagonists Diego and Isabel, played by prominent Spanish actors Luis Ernesto Franco and Camila Sodi, must assume the identity of a deceased American traveler and his wife. The series is known for its character development, exciting episodes, and a willingness to go beyond the criminal genre to explore friendship, betrayal, affection, and other themes.

Telemundo began the second season in September 2020, after the first ended in January 2019. The season consisted of 91 episodes of 50 minutes each, which is extremely long for a television series. Season 2 also had 80 episodes and ended in January 2021.

Tentative release date

The second season of False Identity ended with some horrible events and a sweet proposal from Diego to Victoria that had viewers asking for more. Without a doubt, the final episode of the second season was highly anticipated. Fans are complaining about the third season, but we don’t know if there will be one. Telemundo has not yet officially confirmed the release date for the third season of False Identity. Don’t get your hopes up yet; We’ve been on the lookout for fan speculation, suggesting that False Identity season 3 could be released in mid-2021.

The cast of the show

The Complete Guide to MSN. False Identidad, in which the interviewees are members of the main actors, premiered its second season on September 22. The video was released on August 25. 

Isabel and Diego, two strangers who dress up as married couples, flee to Sonora. This is an original story that aired on September 11, 2018. “False Identity” is a Telemundo drama series set in the United States. Isabel and Diego are two strangers who must escape their history to evade their enemies. As we know, Telemundo launched the new season of Falsa Identidad (Falsa Identidad) on September 22, 2020.

Meanwhile, Nuria (Gimena Gómez) has returned to the series and things have not gone well. The spoilers of False Identity Telemundo have managed to give a tremendous opportunity. Under the leadership of the federal government, Luis Ernesto Franco and Camila Sodi are part of a set of stars in the film, which will hit theaters in September this year. 

No casting records were updated in episode 3. Let’s take a look at what some of the characters have been up to lately. Luis Ernesto Franco and Camila Sodi are the protagonists. Alex Mendoza is the author of the original story of Perla Faras. Isabel Fernández (Camila Sodi) had no choice but to join the witness protection program, according to spoilers from False Identidad.


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