The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2: Is it finally getting a release?

The Duke of Death and His Maid Season 2: Is it finally getting a release?

The Duke and His Maid is based on the Japanese manga series of the same name by Koharu Inoue and is a romantic anime comedy directed by J.C Staff. It premiered on July 4 of that year on Tokyo MX and to an international audience on Funimation, and ended on September 19, 2021. The twelve-part show was directed by Yoshinobu Yamakawa and written by Hideki Shirane. 

Michiru Kuwabata created all the characters, while Takeshi Watanabe and Gen Okuda were responsible for the music. The story revolves around Bocchan, a young duke who was cursed by a witch as a child. In doing so, it kills everything it touches, isolating it from others so they don’t kill it. He is accompanied by her maid named Alice and Butler. As the story progresses, the closeness between the duke and the maid will also grow and how they will attempt to break the curse.

When to expect season 2?

After the successful completion of the first season, enthusiastic fans are looking forward to the second part of the show. The first season ended when Duke decided to marry Alice, which completely surprised his mother. He confronted her and accepted her request. The series, which has received much applause for its plot and character development, has officially announced its second season. The teaser for this also aired shortly after the end of the preseason on September 19, 2021. 

The season is believed to be in the works and could reach audiences in late 2022 or early 2023. However, an official date has yet to be announced and fans will need to be on the lookout when it comes out. Season 2, like the previous season, will have a total of 12 episodes.

Possible plotline

In the Season 1 finale, Duke finally finds time for the family estate after being exiled to his mansion in the woods. Accompany Viola to the garden where the witch cursed her many years ago. When he finally spoke to his mother, she gave him an ultimatum to lift his curse before spring. Otherwise, his brother Walter will become his heir.

His decision may seem difficult, but since Duke’s father suffered from an incurable disease, he had no other choice. However, he disagrees with his mother and goes away. He later tells Alice what happened on her family property, but promises to marry her despite her mother’s disapproval.

In Season 2, as fans may have guessed, the Duke will begin a relentless search for a cure for the curse. Now that Walter knows that he has a chance to become heir, he plans to force Bocchan to resign his position. Meanwhile, Alice and Duke grow closer than ever. Zain and Cuff know a lot more about curses than the duo, so it is likely that they will ultimately play a pivotal role in the search for the cure.


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