Tokyo Revenger: Everything we would be getting with season 2!

Tokyo Revenger: Everything we would be getting with season 2!

The popular animated series “Tokyo Revengers” ended on Saturday at Crunchyroll, but will the series return for season 2, and if so, when could it air? In addition to the My Hero Academia mega-franchise and the fifth season of the anime, the most popular spring and summer TV series is Tokyo Revengers. 

The Time Travel Anime might not be as “strong” as a lot of other titles, but Toman’s gang certainly knows how to handle a fight. So will the anime return with another gang war, and if so, when can Tokyo Revengers Part 2 go live?

Tokyo Revengers, also known as Tokyo Manji Revengers, is a modern story about thugs in Japan. Thanks to its captivating plot and consistent use of certain themes, it has become very popular. 

Tokyo Revengers is essentially a love story set against the backdrop of Japanese thug culture. It’s an incredibly gripping story where our hero, Takemichi Hanagaki, goes back in time to save his ex-girlfriend from murder. 

Takemichi is a boy driven by life. He has a terrible job and often suffers. One day, he learns that his ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, has been murdered. It is soon pushed under a train and goes back 12 years in time. He has to solve this problem somehow and his only clue is the Tokyo Manji gang.

While the storyline may seem surprisingly similar to Erased, it’s actually quite different. Honestly, time travel is the only thing the two have in common. The story presents us with a series of characters, one more interesting than the other. There’s the hero Mikey and the evil Kisaki! 

With the end of season 1, let’s take a look at all the information we have about the upcoming anime of the second season of Tokyo Revengers. We’re sure most fans are hungry for a sequel and engaged with manga readers due to the surprisingly successful adaptation. More details are below.

The possible release date

The second season of Tokyo Revergers has yet to be announced. Usually, the announcement for a sequel occurs at the end of the prequel, which is Tokyo Revergers Episode 24, or during anime-related events in Japan. We will know very soon if Tokyo Revengers S2 is announced. But until then, let’s see if it comes. 

First, let’s look at popularity and acceptance. Season 1 has a rating of 8.26/10 on Myanimelist, rated by nearly 200,000 members. On IMDb, almost 5,000 people voted 8.6/10. This automatically means that the series is successful and fan-favorite. 

The best part is that the anime is already in the top 250 animes already in Myanimelist. And the manga is in the top 100 of Myanimelist. So when it comes to popularity, the series is golden and doesn’t need to stand out. 

This popularity ensured that the show had good views and sales. The Bluray version is yet to be released, which means sales will be even higher. At this level of earnings, a sequel seems a huge possibility. Finally raw materials. The manga is currently in the last volume. It currently has over 220 chapters. Season 1 only covers Chapters 1 to almost 77.

This means that if the second season of Tokyo Revengers were launched now, it would have more than enough material to make an adaptation. With this, we see some great positives and we are almost certain that the second part will be illuminated. 

Unlike the sixth season of My Hero Academia and the second season of Dragon Ball Super, the Tokyo Revengers anime will return soon for a second season. According to recent reports and online gossip, Tokyo Revergers’ second season will be released around September 2022.

Possible plotline

Season 1 will likely include the Valhalla arc. Tokyo Revengers S2 will include the Black Dragon arc from the start. As you may have guessed, Takemichi returns to another disappointing future, and the Tokyo Manji gang has turned into a criminal organization. 

Once again our hero goes back to the past. This time, he must help Hakkai Shiba defeat his brother Taiju Shiba, the current leader of the Black Dragon Pirates. Unfortunately this time he doesn’t have Toman’s full support and has to go underground. 

We believe the second installment of Tokyo Revengers will have a similar producer to the previous one, with Pony Canyon sponsoring the project along with some newcomers. Hopefully, the series will be directed by Studio Lidenfilms as they have done a great job with the current season.

The second season is expected to have 24 -26 episodes, which will likely be enough to match the Black Dragons season and ultimately the Tenjiku season. However, the pace will be difficult because there are so many things to deal with. There are enough assets for Tokyo Revengers season 3. 


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