Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2: the official release date!

Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2: the official release date!

The phrase “all is fair in love and war” may be true, but that alone does not justify a person’s actions when it comes to that. There may be no hard and fast rules in romance or battle, but there is etiquette. Just as biological weapons are generally viewed as Nono by the governing bodies of the world, it is also considered an idiot to spend a lifetime on a plan of revenge to get revenge on the girl who harshly rejected you. 

Despite all this common knowledge, Masamune Makabe, the young star of the romantic comedy “Masamune Kun No Revenge”, is in desperate need of someone to teach her this lesson. Instead, the 2017 anime ended with suspense that left Masamune’s final decision unsolved.

But we are still waiting for it to occur. Therefore, many are looking forward to the prospect of a second season of “Masamune Kun No Revenge.” However, much to his chagrin, the future for this anime doesn’t look so bright. However, there is still some hope. So here’s what we know about Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2’s release date, characters, and story so far.

The official release date!

At the moment, “Masamune Kun No Revenge” is in an eternal state of limbo. It’s been more than four years since the end of season one in March 2017, and animation studio Silver Link hasn’t announced anything about the series since. This despite the fact that they ended season one with suspense, which left many fans with the expectation that the studio would conclude the series with a sequel. This was not the case.

Of course, the studio created a spinoff OVA in 2018 (via Myanimelist), but it takes place long after the events of the original story and doesn’t focus on the central conflict of the original. This could be due to the fact that there were not enough original covers left at this time. The anime only adapted six of the eight manga volumes that existed in 2017. Since then, the manga has released three more albums, which means there is a lot more original material in season two that needs tweaking.

The plot of Masamune Kun No Revenge

As mentioned above, the first season of “Masamune Kun No Revenge” ended in suspense, leaving Masamune’s decision to abuse Aki’s trust unresolved. The two had just participated in their class play “Snow White”, a production that included a kiss between the two potential lovers. Interestingly, Masamune’s kiss on stage was answered with a punch from Aki. However, the two reconcile and share a close moment before setting out on an excursion to Paris. Masamune is considering going after her.

The following manga chapters follow the two as they visit Paris with the rest of their class. Although it’s just a class break, the two are forced into some awkward interactions showing that Aki’s earlier disapproval of Masamune was more than it appeared to be. This leads to Masamune’s doubts, albeit slightly, about the validity of his plan. Whether or not he’ll get the job done remains to be seen, but fans are sure to be excited when Masamune Kun No Revenge Season 2 launches.


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