Assassination Classroom Season 3: Where is the new season stuck?

Assassination Classroom Season 3: Where is the new season stuck?

A strange and original series, Assassination Classroom was a very successful manga before receiving adaptations in all kinds of media. In addition to video games and live-action movies, there was also a very popular anime adaptation that received almost 50 episodes over two seasons. 

Despite the popularity of the anime for Assassination Classroom, there are no more episodes after the second season of the series. This is what the show and source material were all about, how long has it been since the second season ended, and when a third season could air.

What was the anime about?

Assassination Classroom was created by Yusei Matsui and started as a manga published by Weekly Shonen Jump. The action takes place after an octopus-like alien destroys most of the moon and threatens to do the same to the planet within a year. Meanwhile, he takes on the role of a high school teacher and part of a shy game. The Japanese government plans for one of the students to shut down his teacher by offering her $ 100 million.

But there are two problems with your plan. For one thing, “Korosensei”, as the students call him, has a variety of powers, some of which involve regeneration and cloning. Also, the students themselves like Korosensei as it helps them in their studies and in life. Even with other assassins trying to take down Koro, the threat to Earth remains as long as he remains the Master of the Year.

The 21 volumes of the manga were adapted into an OVA and then an anime. This show lasted two seasons, animated by the animation studio Lerche. It was a huge success, but the show ended in 2016. There hasn’t been a sequel to the series since then, which raises many questions as to whether it will ever exist.

Will the anime get season 3?

Assassination Classroom will not have a third season. The reason for this is that the second season of the show covered the entire manga or at least the important parts. While some anime adaptations need to create their own ending to the story, Assassination Classroom simply adapted the ending of the recently completed manga.

It helped that said manga officially ended a few months before the final episode of the anime aired, so the anime was able to remove the fluff and use the actual meat of the story. Similarly, the first season of the series, which was not too long at 22 episodes, fit roughly in the middle of the manga’s story. Given that season 2 was a couple of episodes longer, it made sense to summarize the rest of the manga’s story concisely. There hasn’t been a sequel to the anime since then, but logically there shouldn’t be either.

Where to stream the show?

You can stream all the Assassination Classroom episodes in English dub at Funimation. That said, it’s best to watch the show in Japanese with the subtitles of your choice, and the Japanese version of the show can be found on Netflix and Crunchyroll.


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