Is Galavant back for season 3? Here’s everything you need to know!

Is Galavant back for season 3? Here’s everything you need to know!

This musical fantasy series easily won the hearts of audiences and wooed critics with its fast-paced, witty, unique, and well-represented plot. Whether it’s the extraordinary performance of Timothy Omundson or the direction of Dan Fogelman, the show’s two seasons have left most of us wanting more. It’s been a few years since season 2 was released and fans are calling for the series to be renewed. Will Galavant return for season 3? Let’s find out.

What is the show about?

Galavant is an American dream melodic show made and composed by Dan Fogelman, although the music and verses are by Alan Menken and Glenn Slater respectively. Interestingly, the show debuted on January 4, 2015, as a replacement for Once Upon a Time’s mid-season replacement. In a meeting, the host of the program said that “the illegitimate son of Monty Python and the princess lady of the hour.” pursuing the malevolent Lord Richard who destroyed him when he won the affection for the life of Galavant, Madalena. 

Galavant is assisted by his assistant Sid and the beautiful princess Isabel, whose kingdom of Valencia was defeated by Ricardo. Meanwhile, the vicious but fragile Richard attempts to overwhelm the conspiratorial Madalena and seeks the help of the strong cohort of Gareth and his gourmet expert Vincenzo. 

Scenes depict Galavant’s excursions (and the exciting curves of the road that accompany them) through melodic numbers created and composed by Menken and Slater. The story is pretty good and that’s why the officials decided to do another season.

Why was it canceled?

After ‘Galavant’ won hearts with two spectacular seasons on ABC, he said goodbye to all his fans. Due to a drop in audience, ABC decided to run the show. A source told Variety that the show’s ratings were almost dead after the first season’s release. Also, after Joshua Sasse landed a role in the CW pilot “No Tomorrow,” it was predicted that this would further detract from the show’s popularity. The news of the show’s cancellation disappointed many fans as it was highly appreciated not only in the US but in other parts of the world as well.

Will we get season 3?

No, the chances are pretty slim. ABC has already decided to cancel the series after 2 seasons.  

The show will be discontinued due to lower ratings and declining viewership. Peak season had 7.4 million viewers for the primaries, which seems acceptable at first, considering the show’s performance. 

The creators of Galavant decided to reload the show, but this turns out to be a disaster and turns out to be less conventional. The next part only gathers 2,000,000 viewers. Comparing the ratings from both seasons reveals an approximate difference of more than five million views, which is far below the Creator’s expectations.

Where can you stream the series?

Netflix is soon going to remove all the seasons from its platform. However, the good news is that Disney Plus could become the host of this ABC drama series. So if you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to buy your Disney plus subscription.


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