Saga Of Tanya The Evil Season 2: All the latest updates!

Saga Of Tanya The Evil Season 2: All the latest updates!

At this point, Isekai heroes, like almost everything, are reunited. Gone are the days when anime heroes like “Re: Zero” and “Kono Suba” just entered the new world with the bodies they already had. Unless your isekai protagonist is reborn as a slime, spider, or something completely different from what they used to be, you may be behind the curve. In this regard, the “Evil Tanya Legend” did not disappoint.

Although not as fierce as becoming a slime in a fantasy world, the protagonist of “Evil Tanya” finds himself transformed into the body of a little girl in an alternative version of the German Empire in World War I. Nonetheless, the cultural shock and differences between Tanya’s looks, surroundings, and reckless demeanor made this 2017 animation based on author Carlo Zen’s original Japanese web novel-a compelling one from the beginning concept. 

However, disappointingly, Tanya’s legend didn’t seem to stand still until recently. With no new content since the animated movie in 2019, fans of “Evil Tanya Legend” not only yearned for more but starved to death. Fortunately, as the show finally ushered in the long-awaited second season, food is right here. The following is our current understanding of this upcoming project.

The official release date

Before the announcement in June, fans of “Evil Tanya Legend” were not sure if they would watch this episode of this dark alien world again. The first season of animation ended in 2017, two years after the film premiered (via Animation News Network). On June 19, Kadokawa released the first trailer, announcing the production of the second season of the popular anime. 

Unfortunately, this is the only trailer announced, except for a brief excerpt of the voiceover that makes fun of the upcoming story. Kadokawa failed to mention the possible release date of this long-awaited project. However, if you look at the average production cycle of animation, the second season of “Evil Tanya Legend” may be released as early as 2022. 

However, Kadokawa’s lack of specifications suggests that fans should not be surprised if it takes longer. In any case, when their favorite vicious student returns to the battlefield, many fans will undoubtedly be excited.

The plotline of the anime

It is fair to say that Tanya is still number one at this point. Although the youngest imperialists have risen sharply since joining the army, they cannot hold new desk positions for a long time. At the end of the 2019 film, Tanya lost her research job and moved to another frontline command position, whose sole purpose was to test their ongoing joint weapons tactical research. The irony of this situation is obvious. 

Of course, all of this was staged by Being X. He is still determined to turn the staunch atheist Tanya into a true believer. His X even showed favor to Mary Suy, and Tanya had a serious resentment towards her. All this is related to the growing conflict mentioned in the season 2 trailer. 

As explained in the voiceover of the trailer, the belligerent nature of the empire won them, enemies, from all sides. The world is afraid of them, and another conflict is brewing. However, the person who provided the voiceover had a “correction” plan, which was to fire an officer. That officer should be Tanya, but we can’t be sure until we learn more about Season 2. Either way, when Season 2 is finally released, Tanya will once again fall into the line of fire.


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