Blade Dance of the Elementalers is back with Season 2!

Blade Dance of the Elementalers is back with Season 2!

Almost half of the audience interested in this animation are people who are impressed with the source material. This comic is very popular, and it is still doing well. But animation is very tricky, and unlike comics, it was not a really great work from the beginning. Only after covering a few rolls of original material did the animation begin to embark on a more promising path and begin to realize its true potential somewhere. But once it becomes a bit interesting and only a short period of 12 episodes does not help, it will end. Most non-manga readers think this is another typical harem show, but they don’t know that the animation just scratched the surface.

Leaving aside the history of animation and focusing only on other aspects of it, the production value of the show is above average, and even the soundtrack is impressive. With only 12 episodes of running time, even the main character has been greatly developed. However, anime that could be deep, smart, and artistic will eventually become a bit superficial and become your normal ecchi harem. Anyone who likes unconscious fun and many cute girls chasing a man for no reason, this is a very good choice. But nothing is more interesting than entertainment.

In a show like this, the audience can’t help but wonder what anime would look like if it reached its full potential, and how different everything would be if it was like a manga. The Dance of Elemental Blades is definitely worth the second chance to get all the improvements, and these improvements will appear sometime at the end of Season 1. It seems that most people are now rejecting it because all the comments it receives are very poor, but at least people who have read the comics should give it a try. However, the second season may mean a major change for this season, and we may get some news about the updated version of the show in the next section.

When will it come back?

The first season of the anime was released on July 14, 2014, and ended on September 29, 2014, with a total of 12 episodes. As most comic readers have said, after the events of the first season, the source material has become better. Unfortunately, the sales of animation have been below average, and it has not been able to drive the sales of comics. Although we all want a brand new season, in this case, it is definitely not a good idea to have high hopes. At this point, the release date of the second season of Elemental Blade in 2021 or 2022 seems to be a distant dream. If you are still curious about what will happen next in the story, check out the comics that have been translated into 13 different versions.

The plot of the anime

Alicia Elf Academy is a very prestigious academy that aims to train young girls to become junior students. They encountered ghosts and tried to sign a slave contract with them to fight each other. At present, the competition is only for female students and no one else is allowed to participate.

However, that all changed when a normal, completely rude guy was able to enter into a contract with a spirit for the first time in 1000 years. He does this by stealing it from a shrine princess named Claire Rouge. Later, the school principal, Greyworth, learned of the existence of this new Elementalist and summoned him. He then forces him to participate in the tournament in which all the girls of the school will compete. Now, with Claire in the background complaining about how he’s regained the morale and pressure the league is building, will he be able to survive in this new world of magic and fantasy?


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