Will the Coco Sequel ever happen?

Will the Coco Sequel ever happen?

Two years ago, what “Coco” established as a Disney Pixar debut was a remarkable achievement. In fact, “Coco” is the same film whose reign marked the beginning of the end of the great DC movie, being the fifth DCEU film, “Justice League”, in November 2017, when “Coco” overtook “Justice. League “. ‘for number 1 at the global box office for the second week of the second week. It’s not very common for a new movie, especially one that isn’t part of an established franchise, to get the entire box office of a movie, but it’s exactly the power Disney and Pixar wield as franchises and box office power centers.

“Coco” ended a glorious box office streak with nearly $800 million, much of it coming from Mexico, and it rocked the awards season that followed, with BAFTAs, Golden Globes, and most notably, two Academy Awards. : first cartoon, super product, best. and second, for the best original song, ‘Remember Me’. Now, the massive success of “Coco” would often justify a sequel, but again, despite being one of the biggest movie production companies on the planet, things tend to move slowly for with Pixar, which is also part of the reason why Pixar movies are technically perfect, barely.

As a result, and attributable to Disney’s slate of coming releases being more and more jam-pawncked with the Mouse House currently owning roughly half the show biz itself, there presently has been no word on a sequel to the hit film. Pixar too has had each hands full with ‘Incredibles 2’, ‘Toy Story 4’ and currently ‘Soul’ cathartic back to back, thus it can’t be too powerful to check why there hasn’t been abundant word on a ‘Coco’ sequel.

On the other hand again, if there’s one thing that film commerce has schooled United States, it’s that one thing of a moneymaking property like ‘Coco’ is absolute to have a sequel, sooner or later. As is custom here, we have a tendency to quit on a limb predicting what the sequel might probably entail for United States once the moving finish to the primary one. Read on.

Possible plot for Coco

The first film, like almost all animated films, ended with a beneficial ending. Miguel returned to the land of the living, restored Hector’s legacy, and allowed him to reconcile with his great-great-grandmother Imelda. Finally, the movie was screened for all his relatives, life and death, with the lifting of the family’s music ban.

The event of this film is part of Mexico’s famous Festival of the Dead, which is why the filmmakers established the spirit of the film. Character designer Alonso Martinez said in an interview: “We started with a simple thing. Coco: to express love to Mexico because of the beauty, tradition and depth of love of the Mexican people.”

Mexico graciously returned this love. Most of the film’s revenue came from Mexico, and “Coco” eventually became one of Disney’s most popular films in the country. There is no doubt that if there is a sequel to “Coco”, it should undoubtedly embody the vibrant, colorful and musical spirit of the first one. There are many other Mexican legends that can be explored in this movie, such as Cinco De Mayo or Son Jarocho, but I hardly think any possible sequel will deviate from the established formula that was finally made in favor of the first film.

The sequel may start a few years after the events of the first film, and will allow Miguel’s little sister to conduct her own musical exploration, while Miguel will be reduced to the role of a mentor. However, this means that the film must show a significant jet lag, in the range of five to six years. By the way, it will also take time to realize the second “cocoa” film, calculated as the first date.

If the jet lag is not so great, it is more likely that Miguel may continue to play the leading role, and he will start a new adventure in the land of death to reconcile with his old family. Of course, Gonzalez also hopes to play the role again, even if Disney has not officially confirmed it, and no matter which way the sequel goes, the relationship between Miguel and his sister, whether of adulthood or not, should be very encouraging.

Premiere Date

Since there is still no official confirmation on how or whether the sequel of “Coco” will appear, it is difficult to guess the release date of the sequel, but it seems feasible at this point that it will be released in 2022 five years after the original.


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