‘Raising Dion’ Season 2: Official Airdate!

‘Raising Dion’ Season 2: Official Airdate!

Since knowing that Marvel’s Michael B. Jordan is working on a brand new series for Netflix (he appears in the series and is an executive producer), his fans have been patiently waiting for their arrival. 

“Raising Dion” is adapted from the cartoon and short film of the same name by Liu Dennis. It tells the story of the 7-year-old boy Dion who inherited superpowers from his father. We talked about telekinesis, invisibility, teleportation and healing abilities, etc. 

Isn’t it cool? Except for a dangerous lightning man (or Dion calls him “the crooked man”) trying to take his power away, causing the show’s protagonist to fall into a cruel and ruthless storm, just like his father, Mark.

Dion, his mother Nicole, and their team managed to defeat Pat’s evil energy and force him to make evil intentions, but this spirit still exists. 

“He is 12 or 15 meters away from other people’s power, do you know?” Jason Ritter told Thrillist. “But he just stayed in the yurt and got the toxic part of what happened. Defend what he did.” He chatted with TVLine about Pat’s revelation, Ritter said, “I remember something in the script. At this moment, my eyes popped out. “

In the closing scene of the show, Braden became a little boy. He also inherited the superpowers from his father, just like Pat. It certainly has a lot of leeways, but will Raising Dion come back in the second round? This is everything you need to know.

The official release date!

The second season has been officially confirmed by Netflix, and co-creator and show host Carol Barbee (Carol Barbee) rejoined the second chapter of the show. Jordan will also return as executive producer. 

Raising Dion is ranked 10th in Netflix’s most popular American series of 2019, so it’s no surprise that they brought it back to the second round.


There is no release date yet, but there are many versions that report that production should start in January this year, and we will wait for a while. The news was announced via a video in which the Senegalese artist Bou Bou painted a portrait of Dion and his mother Nicole.

Possible plot!

The first season of Dion threw many different ideas to the loyal audience, creating almost as many plot elements as Dion. Perhaps the most important wandering story is about Dion’s father, who has fallen into a potential plot hole. 

In the first season, the ghost of Dion’s father Mark (Michael B Jordan) appeared from time to time to visit his family. It’s a bit “Star Wars Force Ghost”, but the rules are not clear-at first it seemed that Mark’s soul was involved in the storm of tilting his head, but when the head tilted was defeated, Mark appeared again and hugged the family that stroked him.

Mark explained that “energy never dies”, which is a bit like “no one really disappears” in “The Last Jedi”-and associates this concept with Star Wars. But just like Master Yoda’s ability to strike trees with lightning in this movie, Mark’s newly discovered physical ability after his death caused many problems for the narrative. Chapter 

What is preventing him from returning to his family alive? If these are the rules of this universe, where is Charlotte Tucker (Deirdre Lovejoy)? She sacrificed her life for Dion, so of course, she deserves some company? 

We also look forward to the second season of Dion’s relationship with Biona Labs, which initially looks evil and will go deeper before it turns out to be a good person. Unless the heel turns, we hope that they will continue to help Dion and possibly create the advanced super-suit he desperately needs. 

We want to give the widow Nicole a little romance (unless the second season is all about the ghost and Mark playing the role of Patrick Swayze), the first season rivals – Rashard and Mr. Anthony – are still on the shelf. One of the real successes of the first season was the development of various relationships, and we wanted to expand these relationships in romance because we were too soft


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