Why we will never get New Girl Season 8?

Why we will never get New Girl Season 8?

The last season of the new girl was short, but the series ended after airing seven years. But why did it end after season 7?

The new girl ended after seven seasons in 2018, when the gang left Loft 4D to continue their lives-but why did this series end? Created by Elizabeth Meriwether (Elizabeth Meriwether), “The New Girl” premiered in 2011. With its witty writing and the undeniable chemical reaction between the protagonist, it quickly became popular with audiences and critics. 

New Girl tells the story of a lively teacher Jess (Zooey Deschanel) who moved into an all-boys apartment after a painful breakup. Her new roommates Nick (Jack Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), coach (Damon Waynes Jr.), and Winston (La Moen Morris) are all doing They struggled with their arrival, but eventually formed a very strong connection. The new girl has been ups and downs for seven years, why didn’t she make it into Season 8?

In most cases, ratings are an important part of this decision. The progress of Season 6 is not as good as the previous seasons, but since New Girl was Fox’s longest live-action comedy at the time, it is important to give it a final season instead of simply abandoning it and showing Season 6 to leave the finals-although this will not be bad. 

At the end of the season, Cece and Schmidt were pregnant with their first child, Aly and Winston were engaged, and Jess and Nick reunited. Season 6 of New Girls is considered the final season, and the production team planned accordingly and shot a season finale that could also serve as the end of the series.

Before the “New Girl” was renewed and canceled, the actors and staff did not know what the future of the series would be. Elizabeth Meriwether suggested that the actors contact Fox executives to request another season. Jack Johnson later confirmed that he was one of the actors who wrote to them, saying that they did not have enough time to end the show “correctly” and that the final farewell was desirable. 

Season 7 was awarded to the series with a good ending, so it is much shorter than the other seasons (only 8 episodes and the rest have more than 20 episodes) and there is a time jump at the beginning and a flash at the end, As the audience can see, everything about this group of people is very good.

Although short, the final season of the new girl was brought back by adding some memorable small characters or guest roles such as Dr. Sam Sweeney and Nick’s friend Tran. The audience also saw their future, showing that no matter what they experienced, They will all become close friends and will never lose the stupidity of keeping the audience for seven years.


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