Little Witch Academia Season 3: Everything we know so far!

Little Witch Academia Season 3: Everything we know so far!

Although anime covers all possibilities, amongst them the unique medium of Japanese anime shines especially in the field of family-friendly series. Usually, the themes are magical and can attract people from every corner of imagination. There are many amazing animes that focus on teenagers-just watch “Sailor Moon”, “Magic Girl Sakura”, and of course “Pokemon.” 

This is not even a movie, just like Hayao Miyazaki’s entire catalog of works. Fortunately, the animation studio does not seem to quit anytime soon and has launched one after another popular series in the past ten years, including Little Witch Academy.

“Little Witch Academia” is produced by Studio Trigger and is actually one of the few animations that are not based on existing comics, although several comics have been released since its creation. It was initially just a short film by Masahiko Otsuka and directed by Yoh Yoshinari. It was a part of the Anime Mirai 2013 project of the Young Animator Training Project. 

This popular short film followed in 2015 and finally launched itself in 2017 as TV series (anime news) network). It soon entered Netflix and then into the world. A total of 25 episodes were released in two seasons, and a large number of fans were gained. It’s all about a young girl who was inspired to learn witchcraft and spread magic and joy. It makes perfect sense that Little Witch Academia will become such a popular series. It amazed viewers and critics alike, and won a place on several top anime charts in the 2010s, including IGN and Crunchyroll. 

Where is the third season? So far, this is what we know about the third season of Little Witch Academy.

When is season 3 coming out?

Unfortunately, this is a bit mysterious, because the series has not been officially canceled or extended. But in view of its high popularity, not filming another episode of “Little Witch Academy” is a crime. The first and second seasons were both launched in 2017. Since then, the only advancement in the “Little Witch Academy” series is another comic, from 2017 to 2018, and an electronic version called “Little Witch Academy: Secret Chamber”. game. .”. “Time” that appeared at about the same time.

If you look at the current projects of Studio Trigger, you will find that they have been very busy over the past few years. You have two highly anticipated projects in progress-two short films as part of Star Wars: Disney+ Vision and Netflix’s “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners”. But now since the series is now finished, Jicheng is free to turn his attention to finally make season 3.

Given the possibility that Jicheng is currently working on a new Little Witch Academy project, it may take at least a year to see the final product in front of fans, so please pray for the news as soon as possible.

What will season 3 introduce us to?

In the first and second seasons of Little Witch Academia, Akko and her friends learned magic and training as Croix increased the strength to execute their dark plan. Of course, when the accumulated power of Croys becomes uncontrollable and threatens to destroy the academy, etc., everything will be counterproductive. Akko became nine new witches with her friends, teachers, and classmates. 

According to the legendary nine ancient witches who saved the world a long time ago, they work together to prevent Croys’s magical creation from destroying everything. The team managed to stop the destruction and let the magic flow freely in the world again. An added bonus is that Akko and others are starting to inspire a new generation of witches, and those who don’t trust magic and witches are returning to their nature.

There is no suspense in the second season of “Little Witch Academy”, but this does not mean that there is no more exploration. Akko may have proven that she is a born witch, but she still has problems flying on a broomstick, and she has definitely not reached the magical level of her idol’s shiny chariot. In addition, Ursula is still subject to the curse that Croy imposed on her many years ago. 

At the end of the second season, Croy was sent to face the consequences of her actions, but she vowed to teach at the academy again soon. Ursula told her that she would wait for her, and Croy promised that the curse would be lifted soon. Since Akko and her friends are still young and inexperienced, as they learn more magic and fight the dark forces, the show can further explore their journey in many ways.


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