Bloom Into You Season 2: The official release date!

Bloom Into You Season 2: The official release date!

Bloom in you (also known as Yagate Kimi or Japanese Naru) is a series of soul romance television based on a series of Yuri manga with the same name. Written and illustrated by NIO Nakatani, the MANGA series was published for the first time in the monthly magazine Manga Deringi Daioh on 27 April 2015 and new chapters are published until today. 

In 2016, the series was also granted a license for an English launch in North America from the entertainment of the seven seas, and the first volume was published in North America in 2017. Afterwards, a Japanese Anime studio called Troyca had announced plans to adapt the manga series on a series of souls television and flowering in their season 1 published on 5 October 2018. 

It was very well received by the fanatics of the Manga series and by the new spectators, and since then, fans have waited to listen to news in a second season.  Here, everything we know about the Bloom into you season 2 in you so far. 

Premiere date of Bloom into you

Bloom into you season 1 previewed October 5, 2018 and crossed 13 episodes until December 28th of the same year. However, despite its popularity, a second season has not yet been announced. 

That said, there is no reason to worry about the future of the program. Anime shows sometimes require a few years to renew and then remain a long time for Troysa to announce a second season. Furthermore, since the new chapters of the Sleeve series have yet been published, it is certainly not any lack of origin material for a second season.  

Taking this into account, and considering the popularity of the series both in Japan and abroad, we believe it is a good chance of the series to renew for a second season. Our best hypotheses, keeping everything you care about, is that bloom at the launch date of season 2 could be at some point in 2022. However, nothing is found in stone in the anime industry and we cannot be a Insurance of what is in the store for anime until Toyca makes an official announcement in the future of the program. We are keeping your ears open for the news for season 2 and we will keep you update with any new announcements.

Plotline of Bloom into you

Bloom Into You is about a high school freshman named Yuu Koito. Yu, who has always liked girl, is waiting for Confession Day, hoping to experience all of the emotions described in girl manga. However, when Yu’s middle school classmates confessed their feelings for her, Yu felt unexpectedly empty and disappointing. With this experience, Yuu is convinced that she can only understand romance as a concept, not as a personal experience. 

Lost in his feelings for the boy, Yu goes to high school and still doesn’t know how to react to him. However, when Yu witnessed the beautiful and flawless student council chairman Nanami Touko maturely rejecting candidates, she felt compelled to ask her for help. When Yu asked Dongzi for advice, when Dongzi confessed her feelings for her, she was surprised! Although confused at first, You soon fell in love with Dongzi and began to realize that this was the experience she had been waiting for all her life.

Where can you stream the english dub?

The entire season 1 is available for stream in HiDive, with English subtitles.


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