Gamers Season 2: Release date | Plotline | Cast | Everything you need to know!

Gamers Season 2: Release date | Plotline | Cast | Everything you need to know!

Are you a fan of the famous Japanese romantic comedy anime The Gamers and are looking forward to their second part? Well, then, you and I share a mutual connection, since we too are waiting for the players of season 2 so bad. 

Romantic comedies have a totally different tone. More often, they do not easily attract the public of almost all age groups and when the romantic comedy series appears to be an anime, it is even more exciting and fun than one can imagine. 

The first season of Gamers attracted many fans and now they are eager to see the second season of the anime. Scroll down to learn more about The Gamers, when it will be back for a second season, and so on. 

What is the show about?

The Gamers is a series of the genre of Japanese romantic comedies released from July 2017 to 28 September 2017. There are 12 episodes in the series with a time to run about 25 minutes. 

For those who have never watched the series, it is a remake of a series of novels of Japanese light with the same name written by Sekina Aoi and illustrated by Saboten. It has been made under the direction of Manabu Okamoto. The series revolves around Keita Amano, a teenage, high school gamer. It was produced by Mitsutoshi Ogura, Tatsuya Suuguri and Tsuyoshi Sōda.  

Season 1 has proved to be successful among the masses and fans are now waiting for their second season. 

Plot for season 1

As mentioned in the previous section, the series is based around a young Keita Amano, which is a high school boy and an amateur for games. 

One day he is asked to participate in the Game Club School by his Idol Karen Tendo. In the beginning, he agrees and decides to try his hands, but when he realizes that it is on a competitive level, he picks up his name from the game club. Little did he know that this refusal will have a very significant impact on Karen’s life. 

Karen begins to fall for Keita. Keita mutuals her feelings for her and confesses that he is also in love with her. He transforms his apathetic lifestyle into a cheerful and exuberant one. They loved spending time together.

The series is very fun for all anime game fanatics looking for something new and refreshing. It is an anime with some comedy and dramatic elements and focuses mainly on the romanticism of schools life between Keita and Karen. So if you ever go to season 2, spectators can see more than their personal dynamics and how they can even balance their professional lives. 

Season 2 release date

Unfortunately, manufacturers have announced nothing regarding season 2 of the program again. Then, right now, it’s really very difficult to say when we would get it. 

But if all goes well and the pandemic does not hinder our way, we can expect the romcom series 2 to reach the floor, both at the end of 2021 or at the beginning of 2022. We know that you are waiting for season 2 Of players so bad.

Where can you stream it?

Player 2 has not yet been released, but until then, you can watch the first season on multiple platforms. Amazon Prime, ATX, Sun TV, Tokyo MX, and BS11 are some of the main live broadcast channels for gamers. In addition, you can also watch it on the official Netflix app.


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