Owari No Seraph Season 3: All the latest updates!

Owari No Seraph Season 3: All the latest updates!

It is always difficult to wait for an anime that almost everyone loves and likes. And the anime the Seraph of the End is one of them. The Seraph of The End of Wit Studios is based on Takaya Kagami’s ongoing comics, in which a man-made disease kills most adults, leaving behind demons and vampires to increase the remaining population. The story continues to narrate the story of a Japanese boy named Yuichiro Hyakuya. He joined an elite killing force of vampires, the Moon Demon Company. 

The first two seasons aired in 2015. Now we are all waiting for over five years for a new chapter in this horror series. Rumors about the upcoming season are currently circulating. However, the anime series has taken a long pause and gap before the premiere of another season. So we can hope that the third season will be announced soon.

The release date for season 3

At present, the seraph’s release date has not been announced, but the third season is definitively happening. However, according to several sites, it will soon arrive at the end of 2022. 

The reason behind a long wait is season 1 and season 2 season of the late covered almost all editions of the manga, Takaya Kagami had written so far. 

The production of season 3 has not begun because there were no more chapters left for adaptation. But after the release, Kagami wrote about 40 new chapters of Seraph Of The End manga series, so it’s more than enough content to cover another season. 

The plotline for season 3

In 2012, the world will end with a “man-made” virus that will destroy the world’s population and cause the death of people over 13 years of age. During this period, vampires emerged from the depths of the earth, swept the earth, and seized the earth with a fierce blow to subdue the human remains. 

The only way to protect them is to let them donate blood to their captors without knowing that they are vampires. When Yuchiro and his friends were 12 years old, Mikaela planned to flee and was rescued by members of the Moon Demon Company and joined the annihilation unit of the Japanese Emperor Demon Army. 

Four years later, Yuichiro devoted his life to destroying vampires and avenging them for killing his family. At this time, it was revealed that Michaela was still alive and wanted to find Yuichiro.

Trailer or Teaser

As of now, the third season of “Seraph of the End” has not been officially announced, so we can assume that filming has not yet started. Therefore, there is currently no trailer or teaser for the third season of Seraph of the end available.

Why is season 3 taking so long?

The anime is based on the mangas of the same name that is still being written. Wit Studio was forced to sit hard and wait for Takaya Kagami when some other chapters of the manga will be released, which will result in a lack of an official announcement of season 3. 


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