The Chi Season 5 – To be renewed or canceled?

The Chi Season 5 - To be renewed or canceled?

Wait! We just heard that The Chi Season 5 may be canceled or renewed? We rely on the latter. Fortunately, Xinxin planned an extension for the hit drama “The chi”. With more than 4.2 million subscribers and viewers every week, this is one of the most viewed series on Showtime.

Also, it seems that the showtime will remain with Kevin, Jake, Papa & Co. for next season. During Instagram Live, Lena Waite, the creator of the show made an advertisement. 

She said, “the season is approaching, it is over, it is written.” She continued speaking to the fans and thanking them for their loyalty and continued patience. “You did it with us, it was a trip, we learned a lot, we grew up a lot. And these characters grew up with us.  We shout at them. We did silly things with them. We look at them grow up from child to young people and young ladies.” 

The Chi renewal!

Before suggesting any further content, she also mentioned, “We’re really grateful. Yes, season 5 is coming.” With such positive reviews, season 5 will celebrate its premiere in 2022. 

The Chi: Season 4 briefly introduces the challenges and benefits. The cast for season 4 includes Alex Hibbert, Burgundy Baker, Luke James, Jacob Latimer, and Shamon Brown Jr. Curtis Koch. Season 4 executive producers include Waithe, ID8 Multimedia’s Shelby Stone, Rishi Rajani, Rick Famuyiwa, President of Hillman Grad Productions, Aaron Kaplan, Derek Dudley, and Common. Justin Hillian is also on the list. 

Currently, The Chi is one of the very popular series and plans to include another season. The stakes for extending the season are high and expectations are high. 

Unlike other companies, Showtime has nothing to do with numbers. So far, it has never shown streaming data. However, according to Nielsen’s daily ratings, On-air the show has 300,000 viewers per episode.

Speculations for the season

Douda fled the Chi for now … but did Douda really go? He is a gangster and a murderer. Do we really believe that he will go and he won’t try to get rid of Trig? Or Marcus for the case for reigning the throne? 

Roselyn now sits behind the mayor’s desk. What will the city be in the absence of Douda? 

Marcus woke up from his coma, will the mayor be exposed now? Will he be silenced now that he is a key witness? Lynae will remain with the Kevin family. Both like others … Well, Kevin has more feelings for her. This easy access will bring even pregnancy?

Waithe was silent about the plans for the next chapter, but there must be a lot to discover. This includes when Tiff broke her promise to Emmett, Lynae moves in with Kevin, Kiesha takes her relationship with Christian to a new level, and of course, Douda leaves the town. 

However, what showrunner Justin Hillian really wants to delve into is the community protection plan that came into being after Douda decided to cut funding for the police force. 


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