Cobra Kai Season 4: All the updates and BIG news!

Cobra Kai Season 4: All the updates and BIG news!

The latest chapter of Netflix’s Cobra Kai has spoiled us like a plate of Ferrero and us and more. Hence the fourth quarter received an update, which is a good job, and since it’s so popular, it doesn’t surprise anyone. According to the streaming media giant, the latest series of episodes ranked number one in 28 countries/regions and top ten in 85 countries/regions, with a total of 73 million families watching them in some way. 

While in conversation with the Paley Front Row group (via Collider), the director of the show, Josh Heald, showcased to the fans what was going to happen: “All we can say is that the end of season three is really true for us in our way. It’s very important, a bit like it! As a feeling, not a place to go in season two.”

So what is the idea behind this show? Everything you need to know about the future of Cobra Kai is here.

The official release date of Cobra Kai 4!

The fourth season will arrive at Netflix in December. Currently, we don’t have the exact date, but as soon as we do it, we’ll let you know.  

We have season 5!

The super exciting news also confirmed that the fifth season has begun, and the shooting is scheduled to start in Atlanta this fall. 

“In terms of the direction that the story would take, well we already have a fixed ending, but we said from the beginning that we just don’t know how many seasons it would take for us to get there,” said co-creator Jon Hurwitz (via comics). “We found that in the first season,while sitting in the screenwriters romm that we had ideas that could fill the five hours of season 3, so they were eventually transferred to the next season.”

“Some of the ideas we talked about at the beginning of the show appeared in season three or will appear in season four.We hope that we can really expand the entire Karate Kid universe and revitalize the fan base so we can keep telling this story,” co-creator Hayden Schlossberg told TVLine. 

“We already have an idea on how it is going to end but we take inspiration from series like Breaking Bad, and keep trying to make the story better.”

“We did spent some time related to Kreese’s backstory, but we could have spent even more time learning more about Kreese’s backstory in season 3. We have a lot to talk about in these half-hour episodes, but it wasn’t enough in the end. When friends started working in the karate kid’s sandpit and wanted to keep going, we just had a great time. “

Season 4 trailer

We expect the trailer and the new trailer to be released closer to the fourth quarter at the end of the year. We are looking forward to more such content, including new Easter eggs celebrating the show’s cinematic tradition. 


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