The Gifted Season 3: Reasons for cancellation

The Gifted Season 3: Reasons for cancellation

Gifted is Fox’s superhero television series set in another universe where X-Men disappeared. It is based on Marvel Comics’ X-Men series. The show has a total of two seasons. The show first aired on October 2, 2017, and ended on February 26, 2019. Critics primarily gave the show a positive review and had a “stable” audience. 

The “The Gifted” show revolves around two ordinary parents who decide that their child has the power of a mutant and flee the family when they enter the mutant’s underground community where they have to fight to survive.

Renewed or canceled?

Two seasons later, Fox decided to stop broadcasting on April 17, 2019. Fox’s sophomore drama “The Gifted” will not be renewed for the third season. In season two, which ended in February, the series performed lackluster in regular Fox ratings. As mentioned above, the series received positive reviews from critics, and season two ranked even higher on Rotten Tomatoes. 

However, the average adult ratings for the second season of The Gifted on Live + 7 was 1.1, which was lower than the 2.0 for the first season and the deadline of 3.3 million viewers. Because Fox no longer owns the show. Linear ratings now play an important role in the transmission network’s decision to renew it. The conclusion that most X-Men fans have come to is that it all has to do with Disney’s acquisition of Fox.

Those fans are accurate, although much more indirect than they think. It is worth noting that the Disney acquisition does not include Fox Broadcasting Company. Because the company already owns a transmission network, it will be prohibited from purchasing another network. 

The host Matt Nix admitted in an interview with SlashFilm in February, “My feeling is that, most likely, if we go back, we will come back in some creative way. Some associations for me. I think what we found is that fans of The Gifted are loyal fans to the show. We have a solid fanbase and it’s a bit small for the chain link. But we’ve done a good job on the broadcast, so there may be, I hope there are some things that can be worked out in that area … I don’t want to air the 22-episode season, but I’m willing to make mistakes. . “

We had an ending (SPOILERS)

Several members of the underground organization went to participate in the Inner Circle at the end of the first season. The second season showed the conflict between the two factions, as well as the conflict between other factions with their own radical beliefs. The program performed well in online viewing. But it has been officially canceled and there is no news regarding the renewal of the show. 

If you’ve watched this show, you might know how it ended. The climax began with the Struck family’s reaction to the infamous 7/15 event. Reed Strucker gave his life to prevent Reeva Payge from destroying the United States government and fulfilling his dream of creating a mutant nation.

The host of the show, Matt Nix, said he believes it is unfair to end the season without explanation. But this needs to leave some suspense for the possible third season. “I don’t want to do that,” he said, “but at the same time, with the cards on the table, I really want to go back. We have more stories to tell. So it ends in suspense, but I think we also give The audience brought many satisfactory conclusions.


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