Are You The One? Season 9- Release Date, Trailer, and everything we know so far!

Are You The One? Season 9- Release Date, Trailer, and everything we know so far!

Since the days of “The Real World,” reality TV has had a long and rich tradition of throwing groups of young twenties into their homes and seeing if they can connect. And the latest iteration of this type of show is “Are You The One?” By MTV. However, this program differs significantly from all other “hot people at home” programs in the 21st century. That is, it is controlled by algorithms like dating apps. 

Most seasons of “Are You The One?” are in the same format: 10 people per season. Before the show begins, the producer uses an algorithm to determine which cast members are the “perfect” romantic couple, but more importantly, the producer shares that information with the cast. When members live together, they try to figure out who their perfect match is. Each episode ends with a “mating ceremony” to see if the couple matches exactly. If competitors successfully identify all the perfect combinations, they will split the $ 1 million prize pool, but starting with Season 3, every time they make a mistake, the total prize pool will be reduced. 

“Are you the only one?” has been airing for eight seasons so far. Here’s everything we know about the possible ninth season.

The release date for season 9

MTV hasn’t even announced whether it has one more season or not, so it’s too early to hope for a release date. And, thanks to the highly unusual situation of the COVID 19 pandemic, it is virtually impossible to predict when or when another season will occur. 

But let’s try the same thing. The film premiered on January 21, 2019, from “Is it you?” And the length of the part is usually 6-9 months. However, thanks to COVID19, MTV is now operating on a different schedule. The Season 8 finale aired on September 19, 2019, well past the 6 to 9 month deadline. 

Due to the need for at least some physical contact between contestants, one of the last shows to continue filming during the pandemic is “Are You The One?” Initially, it may take six to nine months after the CDC said it might be safe to date a stranger again.

Shoot location

Again, it’s too early to tell. MTV certainly hasn’t announced locations for the unconfirmed season. However, previous season locations may offer some clues. Most, if not all, of the seasons, are filmed in warm places with lots of beaches. 

Perhaps the most likely candidate is Kona, Hawaii. MTV filmed five of its eight seasons in the state. Three of those seasons were filmed in Kona, including seasons 7 and 8. There’s a good chance MTV will continue to operate or return to Aloha. The remaining three seasons were filmed in the Gulf Coast and Caribbean region. Season 2 was shot in Puerto Rico, Season 5 was shot in the Dominican Republic, and Season 6 was shot in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

If Season 9 doesn’t return to Hawaii, it’ll be filmed somewhere on a sunny day. California? The Southeastern United States? Another Caribbean country? However, you can exclude places like Bangor, Maine.


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