Big plans for The Dragon Prince Season 4! Here’s a big surprise!

Big plans for The Dragon Prince Season 4! Here’s a big surprise!

The first three seasons of The Dragon Prince came very fast. Netflix’s animated fantasy series by several creative teams behind Avatar: The Last Airbender released 27 episodes in just one year. But the waiting for the release date of The Dragon Prince Season 4 seems endless, and of course, you’re right. 

Whether it’s a sexist allegation at work, a pandemic, or Netflix’s growing pressure to refresh the Dragon Prince through Season 7 (or a combination of all three), it caused serious delays… It’s been a year and a half since the third season was first released in November 2019, but it’s still unclear when the fourth season will be seen.

That said, a lot of information has been released by the co-creators in the 2020 comic con. Although we still lack a solid release date, the information we have received hints at a tentative date which is very soon!

The BIG announcement!!

The series provided fans with updates earlier this year on the season’s progress and the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but new updates from series creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond at ComicCon this year showed the series in a much better place. Ehasz has confirmed that there is no release date yet for a fourth season, but fortunately, the series is being constructed in different ways for the next season and subsequent seasons. 

Aaron Ehasz, The Dragon Prince’s co-creator explained: “I know a lot of people want to know what’s going on. Thank you for your faith and patience. Thank you so much.” No date has been given, but “the most promising part of the update is the amount of episodes being produced”. 

Ehasz continues, “A number of episodes were recorded. Many scripts have been written. It’s been a very exciting time with some great back-to-back designs and storyboards. So we’re building it and we’re excited.” 

Ehasz has promised to get more information when there are. “I can’t do it yet. We will provide the date as soon as it is posted. But we’re building something we’re really proud of, so you’re going to love it. “

When is it going to be released?

It’s hard to make a decision from here on out, but reading between the lines, it looks like the Dragon Prince team didn’t start working on Season 4 until when Netflix updated the series to season 7. It also seems that the writing process is taking longer than usual. 

However, if production begins around now, long after ComicCon’s announcement, Netflix is ​​expected to release Season 4 of Dragon Prince in late 2022.

The plot of season 4

In 2019, with the release of the third season, Ehasz and Richmond talked about the future of the series. They don’t reveal much, but we do have some intriguing details. 

On the one hand, you can see more about the magical continent of Zadia, where the Dragon Prince takes place. And in the other, we would get to experience things that elude the previous seasons. 

“The story continues to show the expanding circle of the world. There will be more and more Zadia, politics, elves and humans.”

You’ll also learn about a variety of characters, including the conspiring Goblin Sunfire, the ambitious sorcerer Claudia, and the mysterious evil elf StarTouch known as Aaravos.


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