House of Cards Season 7- Release date, plot, and more!

House of Cards Season 7- Release date, plot, and more!

Netflix’s House of Cards has been half canceled due to a complaint against Kevin Spacey. The show worked well in terms of reviews and critics until Kevin Spacey was involved in a sexual assault scandal. Showrunners then decided to finish the series in just six seasons, saying it would be the final and final season. There may also be some good news if the 7th season of House of Cards is canceled by Netflix.

House of Cards Season 7 canceled!

Netflix has fired Kevin Spacey, whose character, Frank Underwood was killed off at the end of season 6. This took place following allegations of sexual assault on the actor Kevin Spacey by actors such as Anthony Rapp, Roberto Cavazos, and Tony Montana. The season 6 revolved around the mystery of Francis Underwood’s death and the search of truth by his his wife in addition to being the president of the United States, creator 

The creators concluded the series in season 6, calling it the last season of the series. The reason was because actor Kevin Spacey’s character has a huge role in the series and it’s a little hard for producers to do next season without him. 

The season 7 has not yet been confirmed, but fans are hoping the series will be renewed or back again. There is no official update that can back it up though.

The cast of the show

House of Cards is a spectacle. It features actors and others like Kevin Spacey. Claire Underwood is played by Robin Wright, Doug Stamper by Michael Kelly, Zoe Burns by Kate Mara, Seth Grayson by Derek Cecil, and Catherine Durant by Jayne Atkinson. 

The story is about Washington DC. It’s about the government there. The show is about a male candidate for the post of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. It’s a TV show about a man who went to the House of Commons and sought revenge against all those who betrayed him. 

There are new episodes every week. Media Rights Capital is the company that created House of Cards. And Netflix created House of Cards for 13 episodes. The last episode aired back on November 2, 2018.

What is the show about?

The film’s plot follows ambitious Congressman Francis Underwood, who once promised to be president of the United States and promised to be secretary of state, but was later betrayed. He decided to avenge political wrongdoing like Underwood, but he later died in last season and his wife became President of the United States. She is also looking for the truth about her husband’s death, believing it to be a murder.

The show has been nominated for 33 Primetime Emmy Awards, Best Drama Series, Spacey’s Best Actor, and Wright’s Best Actress. House of Cards was the first Emmy-nominated online series. The series has also been nominated for eight Golden Globe Awards, Wright won the Best Actress Award in the Drama Series, and Spacey won the Best Actor Award in the Drama Series in 2015.



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