Station 19 Season 5: Official Release date announced!

Station 19 Season 5: Official Release date announced!

Now that Station 19 season 4 is over, fans can rest assured that many of their favorite action dramas are on their way to us. When ABC announced a Grey’s Anatomy update for season 18, the network also announced that its spinoff station 19 was back for a fifth season. 

Obviously, with Station 19 being the second highest rated scripted episode on the net after Glaze, it was easy for ABC to make the decision. Season 4 covers many important topics, including the COVID 19 pandemic, sex trafficking, and racism, in the following Heroes of the Seattle Fire Department series. We are confident that the sequel will continue with the storyline that has been established in recent months, but there are also many new storylines in the works. 

What we know so far about Season 5:

What is the release date of station 19 season 5?

Station 19’s fifth season will air on TV from 8 p.m. EST on Thursday, September 30. The show will air on the same channel after Gray’s season 18. 

Look forward to new episodes every Thursday night until the fall. Also, you can look forward to the final season of Season 5 at Station 19 in May. 

Until then, you can enjoy the previous episodes of the show.

Who will be returning?

So far, ABC has not released a cast update for the fifth season of the action series. But most of the main cast will probably replay their role and return to another season. Casts most likely to return to Station 19’s fifth season include Stefania Spanpinato as “Carina DeLuca”, Carlos Miranda as “Theo Louise”, and Ochierite Onaodwan as “Dean Millar”. 

“Andrea Elera” as Jain Lee Ortiz. , Barrett Dos is “Victoria Hughes”, Jason Winston George is “Dr. Benjamin Warren”, Gray Damon is “Jack Gibson”, Jay Hayden is “Travis Montgomery”, Barrett Dos is “Victoria, and Boris Cojoe is “Robert Sullivan”.

Where can you stream the episodes?

Fans of Station 19 will be able to watch a new episode at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time at ABC every day when the fifth season begins. As in the previous season, there may be regular crossover events with Grey’s Anatomy. The crossover event will air shortly thereafter at 9 pm Eastern Standard Time and on the same channel. 

If you have a laptop nearby, you can always watch the latest episode of Station 19 on the day after the episode aired. Alternatively, you can download the ABC app and select your iOS, Android, Amazon, Roku, Samsung, or Google Chromecast device. Please note that ABC’s websites and apps are free, but some content must be viewed using your TV provider’s credentials. 

Finally, YouTubeTV, Hulu, and fuboTV users can enjoy new episodes with a subscription. Episodes are also available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, and Google Play for $ 1.99 each.

What to expect from season 5?

After introducing topics such as the Covid19 pandemic, racial injustice, sex trafficking, and the murder of George Floyd, fans wonder what to see in the fifth season of Station 19. Robert and Dean have been arrested for defending two young black girls. Therefore, Station 19 Season 5 is expected to continue this story until justice is served. 

On the other hand, the newlyweds Maya and Karina will have difficulty adjusting to their marriage. The sequel also features a love triangle between Vic, Theo, and Dean fow which the producers set the stage in the fourth season. In addition to real-world problems, Season 5 will also feature other personal dramas that occur in the life of firefighters.


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