Big Hero 7: Will it ever happen?

Big Hero 7: Will it ever happen?

The original Disney animated adventure was so fun and heartwarming that makes us wonder if Big Hero 7 is on the way? Big Hero 6 is based on a late 1990s Marvel comic book series, but the actual film is vaguely based on source material. The story is narrated after a boy named Hiro, who lives in a hybrid town called San Fransokyo, forms a team of Ragtag superheroes to take on the mysterious and strong villain. 

At the heart of Big Hero 6 is Hiro’s relationship with his inflatable medical robot, Baymax. The film was a huge success when it debuted in 2014 and grossed over $650 million in revenue including the launch across the world. The film won several awards, including the Oscar for the best-animated feature. The film also ends with a post-credit that defines future adventures.

Big Hero 7? It was never confirmed

Co-directors Chris Williams and Don Hall and Genesis star Rodriguez (Run All Night) mentioned the sequel story back in 2015, but there have been few signs of Big Hero 7. Since then, Marvel has gone, clearly committed to their other superhero projects. But given the success of Big Hero 6 it is surprising that a sequel was not continued. 

Walt Disney Animation Studios tends to focus on the original project, with the exception of occasional sequels like Frozen 2. The sequel to another Disney hit, Moana, has also not been officially confirmed.

Big hero 6 series

Big Hero 6: The Series came out in 2016 and serves as a direct sequel to the cinematic event. Most of the original cast is back in the series. The series has so far released three series and would end there. The movie focused more on the friendship between Hiro and Baymax, while the series also focuses on the other team members. “Big Hero 7” is also the name of the episode of the first season when another character joins the team.

Big hero 7: A new surprise Villain

“Tadashi is here.” 

The phrase Baymax uttered in “Big Hero 6” represents not only the most exciting and the hottest scene in the movie but what can happen next. It is also a warning sign. 

“Big Hero 6” ends with Hiro teaming up with Baymax and the rest of the team, GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred, to save the day. In the scene before the credits, Hiro says: The good thing is that my brother wanted to help a lot of people. That’s what we’re going to do. You will be amazed by the hilarious Stan Lee in the post-credit scene. Stan Lee pretending to be Fred’s father certainly alludes to an accident by saying, “I have a lot to say.”  It’s been over five years since “Big Hero 6” came out, and while there isn’t a full sequel yet, in a sense, I’ve had my own. following. 

“Big Hero 6: The Series” was premiered in 2017 as a sequel version of Big hero 6 movie. This series was created by the famous Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley from “Kim Possible”. The series continues where the movie ends and has seen success. It has a whole cast of actors who replay their roles. “Big Hero 6: The Series” was recently redesigned in the third season. Nevertheless, there was a lot of speculation about the sequel titled “Big Hero 7” that will introduce the new character to Team 6. 

Unconfirmed rumors always claim that the sequel will positively see a resurgence of Tadashi Hamada, Hiro’s older brother and creator of Baymax, presumed to have died in the first movie. The film is based on Marvel’s Comics and has been carried over to the Disney series, so thanks to all the resources already available, there are plenty of possibilities for a sequel to the film. It is speculated that Tadashi will return as Sunfire in the sequel to “Big Hero 6”. 

Tadashi is an original character of the movie, not the character of Marvel Comics. In the original manga, Hiro is the only child and Sunfire is a member and leader of former Big Hero 6 teams. In the manga, Hiro first mourns the death of his idol, Sunfire, but later finds out that he is still alive. When Tadashi dies in a fire in the movie, he will most likely return as Sunfire due to his ability to generate super-hot plasma. Rumor has it that Tadashi returned as a villain as Sunfire, but he ended up joining the Big Hero 6 team to fight the bigger villains.


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