Darling in the franxx season 2: Release Date, Rumors and everything we know so far

Darling in the franxx: Everything we know about the new season

It has been two years since Darling in the franxx premiered as an amazing sci-fi romance anime that captured the hearts of millions. Since then the speculations have been going around about the possible return with the second season. Recently rumours about the release have been taking the Twitter by storm with people anticipating its release soon. So is it true? Are we finally going to get more battles between Hiro and Zero Two against VIRM?

Premise of the story

Darling in the Franxx takes place in a dystopian post-apocalyptic future, and the remnants of human civilization have left the surface. Adults and children exist in very different environments. Adults live in technologically advanced cities within the plantation and are immortal, but their fertility and relationships are outdated and unpopular. Artificially created children, known as “parasites,” are deprived of their individuality and are taught to pilot Franxx in pairs to defend humans. Children are isolated from adult society in an environment called “birdcage”, imitating the past, so that they can develop the emotional response needed to drive a Franxx. 

At the beginning of the 21st century, revolutionary discoveries in mining technology accelerated the progress of human civilization, so that energy from magma can be extracted for extensive and inexpensive new energy sources. Scientists have contributed to the revolutionary formation of “APE”, which will have a significant impact on world politics and the global economy due to their discoveries. 

After discovering that humans are immortal, despite the side effects of losing their reproductive function, many humans chose to live forever. The cult of personality revolves around the father of the president of APE, and all humans worship him as a god. Now ruling the remnants of civilization, the ape-man led mankind to leave the desolate surface of the earth, and the relatively secure mobile fortress city is called a plantation.

Second Season: Release date

It seems that there is hardly any chance of the anime renewing for another season. Even though the series was widely received it did get a digestible ending in season 1, which means that creators probably won’t look for another installment. Studio Trigger, the anime anime hosts, aren’t really known to give their anime a second season.

But here is a ray of hope. The anime was a collaborative work between them and Clover Works. Seeing the success of the series one of these studios might decide to go ahead with the production of the next season, even if the other refuses.

But we do have another obstacle. Since the series ended with our protagonists sacrificing themselves and then reincarnating, the only possible way for the next season to come is with a fresh start or pick it up after the reincarnation. 


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